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Say What You Will About PSA Being For “Poors”

As a company they get that this is about more than just selling the most expensive toys.

When they released the Dagger with the $299 price-point, one of their motivations was making firearms with standard capacity magazines (in this case 15 rounds) part of “common use”, as a way to further protect the 2nd Amendment. 
I have a number of firearms and gear from Palmetto State and am proud to support a company that supports the 2A. 


  1. James M Dakin

    I love PSA, if for no other reason they actually know how to run a business. They pass mass production savings onto customers for loyalty ( we ain't getting that from China anymore! ). They don't make crap for poor people, they make decent enough for poor people. With decent enough, everyone gets armed, with back-up's. Arming everybody supports the 2A more than any cheerleading. Money where their mouth is. And, an actual veteran run company that are not profiteering commie douches.

  2. jl

    They did the same thing for California when our ban was dropped for a week. I got my order in, but evidently they were overwhelmed and a couple weeks later got an email stating they couldn't fulfill the order by the deadline. WA folks, DO NOT hesitate to get your hands on gear while you can!

  3. Anonymous

    I never had any problems with anything I bought from them over the years. and I built a number of rifle from parts and kits I got from them. their stuff works.

  4. Skipperdaddy

    Their customer service is slow, but to be fair I believe it is because they are overwhelmed. The problem I had was also my own doing and I resolved it myself, but I feel their products are top notch.

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