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Oh Come On

Even by their already low standards, this is ugly and cowardly.

White kid is running a race, in the lead. black kid who is not part of the race is inexplicably standing on the track for no reason whatsoever. White kid yells for him to get out of the way so as you would expect the next lap the black kid intentionally gets in his way again, so the White kid pushes him out of the way. And then the black kid runs behind the White kid and sucker punches him.

High school track race fight club

— Baseball Fight Club (@mlb_fights) March 29, 2022

That might be the blackest thing I have seen all week. One would assume they would arrest the African kid for assault but this is America in 2022 so the White kid will probably get charged for a hate crime for yelling at him to get out of the way.


  1. JackDup

    Anyone been to East St Louis lately? So many homes and businesses shuttered. Nothing but a trail of destruction, we move away from them and say "okay, you win take it". Problem is, they move to the cities and areas not yet destroyed by their kind and proceed with total destruction.

  2. Arthur Sido

    What is infuriating is that not one White person did anything other than yell. Not even his teammates. If some brother had pulled that shit on one of us when I was in high school the whole team would have jumped his ass. Now Whites are just baffled, halp koach, wut do?

  3. Arthur Sido

    I haven't been to St Louis since the 80s but I have been to Detroit and seeing block after block of burned out, falling down houses built by Whites and then wrecked by blacks is infuriating.

  4. Jim Wetzel

    This brings me no pleasure, honest. But a little consideration of the past couple of years leads me to conclude that it's time to bring back a word that White people have been afraid to use for quite some time now. The word I have in mind is nigger. Not "the N-word." Not "jogger." Just nigger. Nigger, nigger, nigger.

    Learn it. Love it. Use it.

  5. Anonymous

    so what ? I seen this type of shit since the 1960's back in philly. you never turn your back to them.
    more so if they in a "pack" their normal way of hunting white kids. kids do not hang together like they used too. back in the day, it was ALL gang shit. you either became a good fighter or a punching bag. until they learn to fight back, it not going to change either. forget turning the other cheek shit when dealing with the brothers or sisters. easiest thing to take them out is sweep their knee as hard as you can. then stomp the fucker, that they understand. it is the only way they will leave you alone. trust me on this. I learned to do that to them the hard way. and they do not need a reason the way we think one might, they just do it if they "think" they can get away with it.
    they are always mad at the world. and if you happen to take one fucker out, expect them to come back at you in numbers later. it is what they do. better not to have any contact with them if you can.
    but remember they are the downtrodden ones, right.

  6. Arthur Sido

    It was a huge mistake to allow the word nigger to be made into a magical talisman called "the n-word", giving it mystical qualities including being a built in excuse for any and all violence, up to and including murder.

  7. Anonymous

    What, the gorilla didn't have any of his own shit laying around to pelt the WhyteBoi with?

    And how soon before the "Justice for Harambe" campaign kicks into high gear, with every nigga-lovin', self-negating White talking head racing in to defend the ape for having endured the magic epithet that they assume MUST have been hurled at his noble, dark ass?

  8. Mike_C

    Remember who empowered these savages.
    I'd long assumed that the NAACP (for example) was the product of Blacks and do-gooder New England Yankees. Nope. Not by a long shot.

  9. Xzebek

    Savage behavior from a savage. Their behavior is such that it is hard to view them as the cultural equal of Whites of European descent.
    The time is long overdue for that subculture to be forced into the "closet" of far removed ghettos or eliminated completely.
    All of the benefits of White, western culture and society are available to the benighted blacks but the lure of jungle behavior and all its failures seems too strong. Sad

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