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Off To A Great Start!

The City of Philadelphia has recorded 100 murders in less than 100 days for the second time in as many years. Philadelphia’s murder rate is currently higher than it was at this time last year, which ended up being the city’s deadliest year on record.

A man who was shot and killed in West Philadelphia on Thursday night became the city’s 100th murder victim in 2022. According to CBS Philadelphia, the homicide rate is now up 8% over this time last year. A total of 562 people were killed in 2021, according to the Philadelphia Police Department. This set a new grisly record for the city, which had only recorded 500 murders one other time in the 90’s during the height of the crack epidemic.
It is not just homicide setting a torrid pace in the City Of Brotherly Love….
As of February 26, of this year, there had already been 203 car jackings in Philadelphia. There had only been 34 as of that date in 2020.
Chicago is a little behind their 2021 pace but ahead of every other recent year.

According to Heyjackass the Windy City is sitting at 108 homicides as of today and 483 shot. With warmer weather will come more headlines like this:

7 Injured in South Chicago Mass Shooting

We used to have nice cities and a nice civilization. 


  1. Anonymous

    I was going to interject one more tongue-in-cheek, snarky remark about chronic black violence and typically abysmal black competence with firearms, but why even bother?

    Around the 10,000th iteration, even shooting fish in a barrel gets old.

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