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Not Sure How To Feel About This

MacKenzie Scott Gives Record-Breaking $275 Million To Planned Parenthood, Will Be Used To Help Black Women Get Abortions

… Johnson specified that the funding will help to eliminate “racial and structural barriers” — specifically for black women, who would be the most “hurt” by legislation heightening restrictions on abortion.

In a Medium post explaining her donation to Planned Parenthood and dozens of other organizations, Scott emphasized “the cause of equity” as a motivation for her giving.
Just going leave this here and quietly slip out the back…


  1. Anonymous

    I remember when friend of mine at the time was riding the subway. he found a poster about this crap.
    I think it was something like where 6 out of 10 black babies where being aborted or something like save the kids or something. my friend asked if the was a shortage or something ? I mean it not like they over running the place now, are they. he quit his store after some kid who was maybe 16 came in and bought some stuff with her EBT card. her "friend" a another girl asked how did she get that ?
    simple, have a baby and they give you one. he sold out within a year and moved away from the city.
    yes, philly. but I betting it goes on in just about every bigger city these days

  2. deb harvey

    politics does, indeed, make some strange bedfellows
    [margaret sanger wanted rid of negroes and slavic people whom she believed to be untermenschen]
    this is so racist and yet viewed as charitable
    where are the mobs shrieking about genocide?

  3. Arthur Sido

    In some places absolutely like Detroit or in the deep south, it wouldn't impact us directly where we live but it would mean even more places were off-limits to decent people.

  4. Arthur Sido

    Read between the lines and you start to see that a massive depopulation is in the plans for people like Gates and others. Africa and places like that are in for a very bad time, very soon.

  5. 4hawks

    Very disappointing news for the space program. Jeff puttin the stank eye on some poor soul. That MacKenzie bringin da delts, traps<–pfftt LOL and guns Yo! Those zany rich lizards.

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