Thursday, March 3, 2022

Mostly Peaceful Protests Incoming?

They have been quiet but this might get some windows broken....

He was the only officer charged in that deal. I guess she shouldn't have been shacked up with a piece of shit drug dealer who shoots at cops. On the other hand, this is another example of the overuse of "no-knock" raids and SWAT tactics for executing regular arrests. There are no good guys in this situation.

Anyway, glad I don't like in Louisville....


  1. Chimp out in 3...2...1

  2. You actually got the raid wrong. The problem is not that it was a "no knock" raid. The police had a no-knock warrant, but they DID knock. That gave Breonna Taylor's boyfriend time to get his gun, get into position, and open fire on the police.

    1. That is why I put "no-knock" in scare quotes