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Meanwhile In Washington…

…our elected “leaders” are responding to the raging and unchecked inflation hitting every sector of the U.S. economy as any sane and rational group of people entrusted with running the U.S. Federal government would respond.

By making something that is already illegal (murder) and hasn’t happened in any meaningful sense for over half a century a Federal crime.

The bill is named after Emmett Till, a 14 year old black who was lynched in….1955.
It is named after him because it is tough to find evidence of an actual lynching after 1955 and certainly not since I was born in 1971. Even Emmett Till wasn’t lynched in the traditional sense of being hung, he was shot and his body was dumped in a river. I also suspect we are not getting the whole story when it comes to what happened to Till. 
I wrote about this topic almost four years ago, Do We Need A Lynching Memorial And Is It Helpful?. My point was the same. There hasn’t been a real lynching in America for many decades. On the other hand, blacks are being killed by the bushel in America every year. As I quoted in the above post, 1,400 more blacks were murdered by other blacks in just two years, 2010 and 2011, than were killed by lynching over an 86 year period from 1882 to 1968.
That post is prior to the Summer of Love in 2020 and the subsequent record setting year in American cities in 2021 when blacks were offing each other in enormous numbers. To quote from my 2018 post:
A young black man is under no serious, credible threat of being lynched in 2018. Nor was he in 2008 or 1998 or 1988. He really isn’t in much danger statistically-speaking from  the cops either, in spite of the hysterical rhetoric, especially if he is not committing a crime. However a young black man is in a great deal of danger of being murdered in 2018 by another young black man.

That is a REAL problem and it is happening NOW, not more than 50 years ago.
There is a problem with blacks being killed in America, right now today, but it isn’t from “lynching” but rather from rampant violence among a racial group that is responsible for the majority of murders and mass shootings in America. Not to mention all of the other problems in America, little stuff like an economy already in a tailspin about to get shot in the back of the head by foreign policy mismanagement. 
Even with all of this going on, the U.S. Congress decided the real priority was to make it illegal to kill someone, even though it already is in every state of the Union, by means of “lynching” which hasn’t happened in over 50 years.
With leaders like these, who needs enemies?


  1. Anonymous

    these clowns are out of their depth in a parking lot puddle. at best. and yes the world is laughing at us these days. who wouldn't ? we just have to live with this stupid shit

  2. Mike_C

    It's not just the antebellum slavery grift, it's victimhood grift in general.

    The Chinese simply do not give a single fuck about anyone else's victimhood. Chinese openly consider Negros monkeys (as do all East Asians; the Japanese are just a little more polite about it). As to the shoah, the Chinese perspective is "You let 6 million of yourselves be killed? You really suck." (No, I'm getting into it; we'll just go with The Narrative here. You haters.)

    I really really don't want to see Chinese dominance of the remnants of the West, the Chinese being a high-IQ, ultra-ethnocentric, insular, greedy and touchy people who consider everyone else to be subhuman at best. Being ruled by people like that would be horrible. Good thing we are not thralls to any sort of high-IQ, ultra-ethnocentric, greedy and touchy people who consider everyone else to be cattle, eh?

    The other positive is that any hypothetical string-pulling subversives (who of course do not exist, except in the fever-dreams of haters) are not going to be able to play the "as your fellow yellow" game.

  3. Anonymous

    When this country lost its collective balls (i.e. when White men cucked for the sake of 'peace') the void was swiftly filled with guilty, bleeding-heart liberal White women fawning over black men in penance for their in-born racism. And angry, vindictive black females who deeply resent the loss of black male attention to those fawning White women.

    America is now just like a typical black household with no stabilizing male role model present and an inept, selfish, egomaniacal female at the head, more interested in gettin' her twerk on than watching after the keeds. Biden is just another irresponsible single mother expecting others to shoulder the burden (and cost) of raising his charges.

    Ironically, the future of America is neither black nor White, but yellow and brown. Might as well learn Spanish and get used to taking orders from China. The only positive I can see is that in time Emmett Till, Jim Crow and the whole slavery grift will fade into irrelevance as the new overseers claim no connection to that peculiar institution and it's miserable legacy.

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