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Mass Shooting Alert: Dum(b)as(s) Edition!

1 dead, at least 24 wounded in shooting at Dumas car show, authorities say

That is a big one by any standard. I am not sure if 25 people were shot or if some were injured in the chaos some other way. Dumas, Arkansas is a town of around 4,700 about 90 miles southeast of Little Rock. It is also very diverse…
Dumas, AK is in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas but has a solidly black majority. That is one of the big differences between the south and north. You just don’t see these small rural cities in the north that are majority black. The nearest town to us is Hicksville, Ohio with a population of around 3500. Hicksville is around 95% White and less than half a percent black. There also is virtually no violent crime.

The car show was called the “Hood-Nic” show and the organizer’s, the “Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization” featured promotional posters like this:

The pictures from the show and aftermath indicate it was a mostly black event.

This event has been going on for 16 years with apparently no major issues. Something has snapped in the black community, what self-control used to exist is gone and now every altercation devolves into gunfire. What is worse, there is no sign that anyone who could stand up and say enough is enough is doing so. Blaming Whitey for your own people shooting each other is a certain recipe for more shootings.


  1. Anonymous

    "At least one person was killed and 24 others were wounded, including children…"

    Children. At a sanctioned negro social event almost certain to devolve into typical negro savagery.

    Imagine your White, teenaged daughter coming to you with a copy of that flyer and saying, "Please, Daddy, can I go? All my friends will be there!"

  2. Arthur Sido

    Little black kids are shot in drivebys all the time, often at crazy hours of the night, because they are running wild and mama can't control them. Of course when the media talks about black "children" it often means "tatted up 17 year old gang members"

  3. Anonymous

    Gotta love the rapper names. Bigg Doon. Q-Tip.

    What about Tam P'Onn, Chla'mydia C'Rabs and Dubble Whoppa Wit'Cheez? And from the realm of jazz, Felonious Monkey.

  4. Anonymous

    The answer would be heck no. A bunch of white girls at a diverse event. Statistics alone say no.

    60% change of a random shooting.
    80% one of the sisters assumes a white girl looked at her man and attacks
    80% a brother refuses no and harrasses the girls for sex.
    80% someone robs them
    50% one of them is attacked and raped.

    So the answer would be no.


  5. Arthur Sido

    I am not a great marksman by any means but one dead to only 20 wounded is ridiculous. They aren't learning anything in school anyway, teaching marksmanship in public schools would bring that ratio up and reduce the number of Medicaid-insured wounded.

  6. Xzebek

    The killed to wounded ratio made it a certainty that it was a black occurrence.
    The examples of lack of impulse control and lack of civilized behavior leading to violent chimp outs are rapidly increasing.
    I don't see the situation improving.

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