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Let’s Go Brandon! No, Seriously. Fuck Joe Biden.

The wife and I went with Almost Doctor Daughter to see my sister and Retired Doctor Dad in Toledo. We took the daughter’s little car because it is a bit more fuel efficient than anything we own. She was low on gas so of course I stopped to fill it up across the border in Ohio. This was the price at the pump…

That is the highest price I can remember paying for a very, very long time. You have to go back to the Obama days to recall gas being over $4/gallon. 
As we drove along U.S. 24 in northwest Ohio, prices were all over the place. Most places had gas lower, like $3.75-$3.89 but at some truck stops in Napoleon, Ohio we saw diesel credit card prices over $5/gallon. If you are a trucker, it is about to get a lot harder to make ends meet.
It all feels like it could really snowball at any moment. 


  1. JackDup

    Everything will go up with the price of gas. Next Dems want a $15-dollar minimum wage, more shit will go up in price when they pass that one. The destruction of the world is underway, being led by the so called smartest people our education system produces.

  2. Anonymous

    Lots of empty shelves in grocery stores closer to the city compared to where i live rural.

    I was away for work last week. Premium gas was 1.97 per liter. So $7.88 a gallon. We make the oil and wehave refineries. The price went stupid fast.


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