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Let’s Check In On Black People

Africans are always a source of good natured shenanigans! 

Let’s see how things are going in Dumas, Arkansas following the mass shooting where 27 people were injured.
I wonder what he looks like?
Oh. How shocking!
It isn’t always chaos when blacks get together in large groups, like on Spring Break!
Probably just racism. I blame White supremacy. 

White Supremacists get into a huge spring break fight in Miami Beach #beach #SpringBreak #BlackLivesMatter

— Redneck Azn (@LMFireSystems1) March 22, 2022

How is it that these corpulent black chicks always seem to have their tits hanging out in every fight?
What else do we have today?
Probably redneck White kids murdering some black grannie, right?

They took off with her tangled in the seatbelt and one of her arms was ripped off. She bled to death on the street as the ambulance took 10-15 minutes to arrive. 
On second thought, maybe we don’t want to check in with black folk because it is always the same thing over and over.


  1. Anonymous

    Serious question – what are they on "spring break" from? Don't even try to tell me that those hippos are college students.

    I will admit that back in my days of bouncing at a "kiddie bar" we let the rare catfight go on unimpeded. But that was skinny White teenaged chicks ripping each others' blouses, not eighth-ton black wrecking balls walloping anything in their path. One o' dem bad bitchez could crush you flat as a flounder if it landed on yo' ass.

  2. Mike Guenther

    They do something similar at the twice annual Cherokee Bike Rally in Cherokee NC. Checkpoints on every road in and out. Didn't used to be like that until there was an incident about 20 years ago where some rando got himself shot up, probably for flirting with the wrong gal.

  3. Xzebek

    Proto simians with no self control or knowledge of the difference between good and evil. I wish there was a black "leader " today who would channel Marcus Garvey and lead a new back to Africa movement. If not, eventually we will inevitably have to relive an updated version of the Hutus and the Tutsis. Sad but probably necessary.

  4. Anonymous

    distance is always your friend when it comes to them. after LBJ installed the projects in cities, life wasn't too bad. afterwards, it became a nightmare which has gotten worse with the passage of time.
    we on the what, the 4th or 5th gen of fatherless kids now ? these kids have no future to speak of.
    fat, stupid and angry at the world. no one ever told them no before and it shows.
    the only good thing about all of this, is that they do not know how to fight. they just wale away and hope for the best. kind of like how they shoot too. lots of shots fired and very few hits.
    if they where not fucking up everything in sight, one could feel sorry for them. I don't.
    spelling tests are a good idea, I really don't think even half of them are in school.
    but then again, look at what the top law schools have done with the likes of the VP and the new judge they want on the court. just glad I am on the way out and not 20 years old and having to deal with this level of stupid. so very glad I up in the woods and not still in a city.

  5. Annie Oakley

    The town she was living in is 75% black. Too dark for me. I would have moved out a long time ago. Unfortunately a lot of these older whites believes blacks are whites with darker skin.

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