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Kinda Weird

The news is full of human interest stories about Ukraine, supermodels joining militias, people getting married and then going off to fight the evil Russians, on and on.

What I don’t see much of?
Reports of huge numbers of casualties.
There are some obviously but not what one would expect from one of the largest military powers in the world bringing a neighbor to her knees. Russia has always been known for lots of raw firepower, so if the intent was to destroy Ukraine and kill lots of people that would seem pretty easy. Instead it seems that they are kind of taking their time, almost like the intent is to force Ukraine to give in to Russian demands instead of wiping them out. 
There was a good post on WRSA about this, Cadre Sends, describing this is more akin to a big raid: 
Ukraine looks like a raid. Really big one, but still a raid. Raids may have political and strategic implications. Think a tad bigger than Ranger School.

Political and strategic objectives laid out.Stated non-occupation, which at least implies a planned withdrawal (‘Planned withdrawal’ defining a raid.)
RTWT, pretty interesting and not a long article.
The whole story about Ukraine-Russia is more complex than we are being told and few, if any, people know what is really going on over there but what is becoming clear is that while the Russians are the aggressors in the sense of firing the first shot, and that doesn’t mean you started the war, they are not looking to destroy, conquer or occupy Ukraine for the long term.
That is not to excuse the Russian invasion, just more food for thought. Whatever you think, just be certain to take nothing you hear at face value from our media.


  1. Anonymous

    yup. the bodies are missing. like with the VIRUS, where are all the bodies ?
    2 years ago, when the bug was on the news non stop. i asked myself, where are all the dead homeless ?
    makes sense, no health care, or health to speak of, so why are they not dropping like flies all over the place ? kind of like plane wrecks without plane junk all over the place. and NO planes engines do not burn up in a fuel fire or melt either. even after a really bad car/truck fire, you still have a huge chunk of metal called a engine sitting there.
    I too, think of this action as a raid of some sorts, we do have the whole picture of what really going on over there. we need to find out why we have bio-labs over there in the first place ?
    why are they outside the country as well, are they doing shit against the law here ? looks that way to me. the only reason why NATO is still around is because people make money off it.
    I stopped trusting these fuckers a long time ago. even good old walter was lying his ass off every nite on the tv.

  2. George True

    Mike, I am no expert on Russia or Ukraine. But based on everything I have read, (and I have read volumes of stuff about this situation in recent months just trying to come up to speed) I would respectfully disagree with some of your conclusions.

    Putin is definitely what we would refer to as a 'strongman'. That is a term that in times past the media or intelligentsia would use to describe an autocratic ruler of a country. But in post-Soviet Russia, that is the only kind of ruler who could have survived. Survived as in avoiding being killed by competitors for his position. So yes, he may be a ruthless leader, but he is not crazy or delusional.

    Putin has publicly denounced and renounced Communism. He has also done much to revive Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Russia. The idea that he wants to reconstitute the old Soviet Union is from remarks he made that have been purposely presented out of context by Western media. When he said the breakup of the Soviet Union was a great catastrophe, he was referring specifically to the chaos and power vacuums that resulted, especially in the newly leaderless republics. This is what caused many of those countries to be ruled by oligarchs who plundered the assets and resources of those countries, resulting in the impoverishment of their peoples. THIS is what he was lamenting, not the loss of the Communist Soviet Union.

    Does any of this make him a good guy? Maybe not. But he is not the latest pefsonification of Hitler that all of GloboHomo, the media, and the WEF make him out to be. And for many years he has had absolutely valid security concerns that the US and NATO have been willfully provoking. The US could absolutely have prevented this invasion of Ukraine. Our government chose to encourage it instead by poking the Russian bear over and over again.

    Yes, OF COURSE Putin wants to install a government in Kiev that is friendly to Russia, or at least NEUTRAL and NOT HOSTILE. That is what existed up until 2014 when the US orchestrated a color revolution and an overthrow of the legitimately and democratically elected government in Ukraine. Ever since then, US politicians such as Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, Mitt Romney, and others on both sides of the aisle have been using Ukraine as their own personal money laundry.

    Zelensky is presented by the media as this beleaguered hero fighting for his country. Not quite. He has amassed around 1.2 BILLION dollars as his cut from the money laundering operations, which he has stashed in various Central American banks. He also owns a 34 million dollar mansion right on Miami Beach, for which be paid cash. So while he exhorts his countrymen to fight (and die) in the streets, he himself is not out there leading the fight, but rather planning to escape to Florida and live the good life.

    Putin's tactics are actually strategically and tactically well thought out. His forces are deliberately NOT destroying infrastructure. And they are NOT targeting civilians. So far, casualties on both sides have been remarkably small. Rather than annihilating Ukranian forces, which they could easily do, the Russians are encircling them, and then waiting them out while encouraging them to surrender. Their goal is to capture Ukraine intact with as little loss of life as possible. Once that is accomplished, Putin naturally plans to install a new government – one that is Russia friendly. How is that any worse than what we did in 2014?

    Ukraine is in Russia's front yard. They have far more of a right to meddle there than we do. They are simply following their own version of the Monroe Doctrine. We everyday Joe Normal Americans have no business being involved there. But the elites in our GloboHomo government certainly want us to think we do. But we don't.

  3. 3g4me

    George True: Very well said and accurate to boot. Sad and surprising how many are so utterly susceptible to media-driven jingoism. But of course, that's because I must be a Russian or Putin shill.

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