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Justice For Cornrows!

Your Congress, hard at work on the issues that matter in the midst of an economic crisis….

I love the name, the CROWN Act, cuz dey be thinking dey dreadlocks be crownz and sheeit. See also: Kangz, We Wuz.
A choice quote:
“For too long, Black girls have been discriminated against and criminalized for the hair that grows on our heads and the way we move through and show up in this world,” said Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.). 
Criminalized you say? For your hair and the way you “move through…this world”? This is a choice example of how blaque gals move through this world.

Whenever they “show up” in the world, chaos and violence seem to follow them. 
A serious nation doesn’t devote even a second of time to the “problem” of racist hair rules.


  1. Anonymous

    no. not really, just something learned the hard way having to live around them for fucking years. a black guy explained it to me years ago. there are black people just like me and you. then you have the fucking niggers that everyone hates and fuck up things for everyone else.
    I know and worked with black people for over 40 years now, and even they hate the fuckers more than we do for the shit they do.

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