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It. Is. Alive!

Back from the grave, Constitutional carry in Indiana just passed the legislature last night and heads to the desk of Governor Eric Holcomb. I trust Eric about as far as I can throw his fat ass so I sent him a nice note this morning encouraging his signature. 

Just six days ago it looked like it was dead in the water ( Back What Exactly? ) but some hard work by a few Hoosier Republicans brought it back. No guarantee that Holcomb will sign it but it passed by a wide margin so he might.
As a practical matter I like having my card for when I cross state lines but you sure as hell shouldn’t have to have a permit to exercise a right guaranteed in the U.S. and Indiana Constitutions. 
Some rare good news here at Dissident Thoughts.


  1. Mike Guenther

    I've always said the same thing…I shouldn't need a piece of paper just to be able to carry a firearm whenever I want or need to.

    If only we could get the Left Coast and the New England states on board. I always hated leaving my firearm at home whenever I had to travel to New York or Connecticut for work.

  2. LGC

    You know, I've always had constitutional carry. OH sometimes I've troubled myself to get the little card and all the BS but not usually and for sure not any more.

    If I choose to carry, I"m carrying. I recently changed domiciles and someone asked me what the rules were in new location and I had no idea. Still don't . Don't care. Said experts have managed to toss the laws that they don't like in the trash can. So be it. They are not going to like the new rules. (or lack thereof)

  3. Xzebek

    Montana (where I live) recently adopted constitutional carry (finally) although large parts of the state outside the cities were de facto Constitutional carry as no permit was need in those locations. As to permits it was a shall issue state and the sheriff in my county issued them quickly. I did get a permit a few years ago when it appeared that there was a chance for national reciprocity. Sadly, that did not come to pass despite Trump in the White House and republican control in congress
    Other than the ability to carry in blue states under a reciprocity agreement there should be no need for a permit.
    Also the NFA has to go; especially as to suppressors and sbr's.

  4. Greg

    I just got my 2022 copy of . It's going to be hard to keep it up to date with Indiana and maybe Ohio joining the CC states.
    Uncle Ted Nugent has always said the the 2A is my carry permit, but he's got the money to be able to say that. Living in the leftist regulatory sewer of Oregon, I do the best I can to be the grey man, though even semi-anonymous blog comments no doubt put me on lists.
    I'm one of the very few who read the Heller and McDonald decisions of the SCOTUS in detail. Surprisingly enough, they're written in plain English without a lot of legal gobbledegook. I've always been disappointed that as thorough as they were, Scalia did not define what "shall not be infringed" is meant to be.

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