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If Ever There Was A WTF Moment

Each day seems to bring a new outrage and diminishes the standing of the United States. Like this:

The entire video is chock full of nearly unbelievable bullshit and Tucker is on his game here mocking the excuses and evasions of the government. All of the powers that be dismissed as crazy conspiracy talk that there were U.S. funded biological warfare labs in Ukraine and it makes sense because why wouldn’t it?
Like Tucker, I would have assumed that to be true as well. After all, Ukraine has long been a national basket-case, one of the, if not the, poorest and most corrupt nations in Europe. It has seen political turmoil for years. In other words it is among poorest possible choices of locations for something as dangerous as biological weapon research. A couple of pertinent screenshots from the video:

Don’t worry, nothing sketchy is going on!

“Does not own or operate” is not the same thing as “does not fund or support”. 
To reiterate, we are involved in providing aid of “some sort” to a deeply corrupt government owned research facility in Ukraine that is studying effing anthrax, tularemia another “viable biological warfare agent” and “Q fever“, another useful little biological weapon that oh by the way we apparently made a bunch of back in the day. Like Tucker says, it isn’t like we have any experience with a potentially weaponized biological agent in a foreign country getting loose or anything. I am sure this will be fine.
I should also point out that the Russians have had an extensive biological weapon arsenal since the middle of the Cold War, probably at least as extensive as ours. Weird how the good guys, namely the U.S., have more of the most horrific weapons ever created than anyone else and in our case have actually used them. Anyhoo, the Russians don’t need the Ukrainian facilities as they have their own.
If Russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine, would it have become open knowledge that the U.S. is sponsoring biological warfare labs in a corrupt Eastern European nation? The spectacle of Rubio and Nuland playing this little charade was classic especially the part where they agreed with each other that any bio attack would absolutely, definitely be the Russians and not an obvious false flag attack to serve as a pretext for us to get involved in Ukraine directly. 
What caught my attention during this testimony was Nuland nervously fiddling with her pen every time she was speaking. She might as well have held up a sign that said “I AM LYING” in bold letters. The nervous body language from someone who has been in prominent positions and no doubt testified before Congress many times was as obvious as a neon sign. 
A few more things worth noting. Nuland was:
“…the principal deputy foreign policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, exercising an influential role during the Iraq War. From 2005 to 2008, during President George W. Bush’s second term, Nuland served as U.S. ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, where she concentrated on mobilizing European support for the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.”
Clearly she has no problems with lying us into wars. Also worth pointing out from her Wikipedia page:

Her dad’s real name was Shepsel Ber Nudelman. She is yet another career foreign policy “expert” who carry around the same grudge against Russia that so many neocons also harbor. She has apparently been banging the war drum when it comes to Russia for a very long time and I suspect it has something to do with long simmering tribal resentment.

Either way, she is someone who should have been prosecuted for complicity with war crimes or at best she should have been run out of public life and never held a more responsible position than toll booth attendant. 
More to the point, even if it is true that these “biological research labs” were on the up and up, why the hell are we funding biological research labs in Ukraine? Why would a serious nation fund and supply a dumpster fire nation like Ukraine with material that can easily be turned into weapons that could conceivably kill millions? How many other jacked up shitholes do we have labs in that we shouldn’t, that no one of sound mind would consider putting dangerous material in? How long before it comes back and bites us, and this time not with some piss poor bioweapon like Covid but weaponized anthrax that wipes out continents?
The people we allow to rule over us are virtually without exception stupid, incompetent, cruel and evil. Our lives, the lives of our families, are nothing to them. Eventually something is going to have to give because if it doesn’t, none of us will survive.


  1. ChuckInBama

    Southeast Europe has always been a trailer park. It's where sewage goes when the rest of Europe flushes the toilet. That's what made it a "good choice" for bio-weapons labs. And the perfect place to send money to be laundered. I have nothing against the people of Ukraine, but their leadership needs to be nuked. Putin is doing Europe a favor, but he's pissing off American politicians getting rich off the grift. Biden's son, Pelosi's son, Kerry's kids, Mitten's kids. I do believe in coincidence, but this occurs with such regularity that it's a modus operandi.

  2. JackDup

    Tucker is the best. I really can't stand Democrats, but Republicans are not far behind. The two Republican Senators from North Dakota lost their balls somewhere, they need one of those necklaces so that when they lose them it says, "you've lost your balls and you must go get them". So sick of the propaganda. We are being lied to all day every day.

  3. Jim Wetzel

    Our supervisors must all die. In my ideal world, once the war criminals manage to kick off Big Mistake III, we only catch nukes in one location: the Chesapeake Bay neighborhood. And not just one, either. Enough to do the job.

    I notice that Aesop has lost his shit over Bad Vlad. I dropped his link. That stuff gets old.

  4. Anonymous

    anytime someone starts talking about bio weapons, I always asked them about johnson island ?
    it a small place where uncle sam used to get rid of old bioweapons everyday.
    never there myself, but knew a guy who was stationed there for 18 months. he had a few stories to tell. about uke land ? where else would you want to set up some shit you didn't want in your backyard
    you can buy off everyone there. that is just what they want.

  5. Anonymous

    something else I just remembered, during ww2 the japs had a unit 731 I think it was that did all sorts of bio weapon studies on live subjects= the local chinks and whoever else they could. anyway after the war. the guy running the joint got a free pass on war crimes if he gave us all of his notes and the cookbook. YES, it was the dept. of state that rolled out the red carpet for him, gave him lots of cash and a new life somewhere. one of the few good things that nixon did was to shut down our bio weapons program back them. we had tons of the shit by that time too ! thus you see the reason behind johnson island- we had to get rid of the shit- burn it up, and we did by the ton too.
    now that was back in the 1980's so, I have no idea what they doing now.
    bioweapons are a cheap man's nuke. the great or bad thing about them is they keep spreading after they set loose (lots of fun ) and when you add in just how many nutjobs would just love to set this shit loose on thee world, you understand WHY THEY ARE BANNED IN THE WORLD.
    so, of course. our gov't clowns are playing around with them again.

  6. Mike_C

    Unit 731. Mengele would have been envious of the stuff they did. But hardly anyone in the US has ever heard of it because Competing Narrative. Same with the Holodomor. All suffering is equal, but some suffering is more equal than others.

  7. Brutus

    It's a big club, and you ain't in it, but Tucker is. He has written before that he fears America's elite will be destroyed by the reaction to their evil excesses. He's not saying these things for our benefit. He's trying to slow things down because he thinks we'll destroy his pals. That's not to say we shouldn't pay attention to him or respect him. He's clearly more wise than 99% of the ruling class. Just keep in mind who he is and what his true motives are.

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