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From The Ingratitude Files: Ukraine Edition

Saw this today:

Here is the longer quote, also from Fox:
Ukraine’s Zelenskyy tells Fox News it’s a ‘pity’ US support came ‘after’ Russian war began

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, when asked by Fox News’ Trey Yingst Thursday about his conversations with President Biden and overall support from the U.S., said, “It’s a pity it began after the beginning of this war, but we have it.”

Yingst asked: “You spoke this week with President Biden. How would you describe your conversations with the U.S. leader? Do you believe the Americans waited too long to give Ukraine the support you need to push back this Russian offensive?”

“We have good contact. I can tell you the truth,” the Ukrainian leader responded. “It’s a pity it began after the beginning of this war, but we have it. My appreciation to him and to his team. We can speak now often.”
Ungrateful asshole. We are sending billions in aid and risking a conflict with a nuclear armed adversary to help out his country and the guy is pissing on us? It’s a pity? Go fuck yourself. 
We don’t owe anyone, including Zelenskyy’s ethnostate in the Middle East, “support”. 
You normally have to look at African immigrants to America to see this level of ingratitude and entitlement.

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