Monday, March 21, 2022


At least a little bit.

Gov. Eric Holcomb signed H.B. 1296 into law on Monday. Known as “constitutional carry” or “permitless carry,” it’s a change to Indiana law some Republican legislators have been working on for years.

The proposal would allow anyone age 18 or older to carry a handgun in public except for reasons such as having a felony conviction or a dangerous mental illness.

I am honestly quite surprised that the normally useless Holcomb would actually sign this bill.

However there are still plenty of ominous portents and dark clouds on the horizon. More tomorrow on that, for tonight I will celebrate that the government no longer is requiring a permit to exercise a right that never should have required a permit to begin with.


  1. Glad you joined the party! In Montana we adopted it last year (about time!). IIRC we are at 24 constitutional carry states.
    Now we need to work on greater reciprocity (which should be universal) and removal of vexatious laws and regulations designed to hinder full 2A rights.
    I'm interested to hear about the dark clouds that concern you.

  2. Eternal vigilance is the price.....
    I agree with someones post last week that we should emphasize the term "constitutional carry" as opposed to the term "permitless carry". The right is God given, the 2A just codifies that the gummint SHALL NOT INFRINGE on that right.