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First The Barrel

As the first purchase for my Tacticool rifle project, I decided to go with the barrel. For my build I went with this one:

It is from Ballistic Advantage, their 16″ bead blasted stainless steel fluted premium series barrel chambered in .223 Wylde. I like the bead blasted stainless to reduce reflection. The fluting is technically to reduce weight but I mostly got it because it looks cool. I have a muzzle device coming in a few days, I’ll post an updated pic when I get it put on the barrel. 


  1. Anonymous

    Fluting will also increase surface area and heat transfer is very much based on surface area vs diameter.

    So a fluted barrel should cool down quicker.


  2. Arthur Sido

    I am not really a good enough shooter for the Wylde to make a difference but it is supposed to be better if you shoot a lot of .223 and most of the hollow point or soft point ammo I have is .223. We will see.

  3. Anonymous

    Smooth edges on the flooting will also reduce stress risers and reduce the chance of cracking.

    You should tell people tge flutting is for the heat.


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