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Even More Fun News!

The ATF sent an email to all FFLs this afternoon telling us that “forced reset triggers” might be (or might not be) suddenly a “machine gun”.

The ATF encourages you to contact them about the “disposition” of these devices….

Yeah I am sure that is going to happen.

Lawsuits are incoming of course. I don’t have one of these forced reset triggers nor have I ever sold one but lots of people do and I would expect they are not jamming the phone lines for the ATF to ask them to take “remedial action” on these triggers.
This won’t be last time the ATF makes a new “law” by bureaucratic fiat in 2022. 


  1. JackDup

    WOT trigger is still selling these hard reset triggers right now; you would think they would be the first domino to fall if the trigger is a machine gun. Strange how I can't find the news on the ATF site.

  2. Anonymous

    when they ban all guns, people will either go the 3d printer route or maybe old school and make tube guns like the sten. or even the ludy gun. anyway, people will always find a way around the law.
    the weak link is always ammo, then magazines. the gun itself is not that hard to make really.
    but do realize that they are never going to stop until they are banned. and forget about the NRA as they help write a lot of the damn gun laws we have now. I just amazed that more people haven't realizes that yet. they get money from us saying they going to do one thing, then go to parties with the law makers and cut a deal and come back and say they tried. it is a fucking game to them, a way to make money. I walked away from them a long time ago.

  3. JackDup

    Starting to wonder if this is going to be similar to Jan 6. Massive arrests for anyone in possession of hard reset trigger, silencer blank kit or gun oiler as they are sold as, ghost guns, etc. Of course, they have been making plenty of room in the prisons and jails for patriots while letting out the real criminals.

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