Saturday, March 5, 2022

Electric Car Man Bad!

Oh Elon, you are going to get in trouble for saying this. It is contrary to The Narrative™!

That is something that makes so much sense that it simply cannot be allowed out in the wild. It wouldn't have stopped the conflict in Ukraine but it certainly would change the dynamics of our response. To be clear, I don't support getting involved in this conflict in any way, not by banning Russian cats from international cat pageants nor by banning the purchase of Russian oil. 

But it is absolutely the case that when the U.S. is dependent on foreign sources of anything, it hampers our ability to act as we see fit. Do you think the fact that all of our pharmaceuticals are made overseas, as are all of our electronic gadgets and underpants and just about everything else has some effect on foreign policy? Of course it does. If China invades Taiwan, and it is quite possible they pull that trigger soon, are we going to shut off the pipeline of consumer crap that keeps what passes for our "economy" running? Not bloody likely. Absent that constant flow of cheap consumer goods, the country would shut down.

Our economic policy, and every other policy of our government, should be focused on one question: what is best for the American people? Not "refugees", not Ukrainians, certainly not Israelis, or illegals or anyone else. Our people. That of course is not the case and instead what benefits the American people is at the bottom of the list.

The problem is not incompetence, although there is plenty of that. The real problem is malice from our ruling class that hates you, your family and your people and wants to see you exterminated.

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  1. "Drill, Baby, Drill" sounded stupid years ago from Hockey Mom and it sounds even dumber coming out of Elon "I've Got An Exploding Electric Car To Sell You" Musk's nasty pie-hole. For craps sake, oil isn't conjured into being at will. These people might pick their ass for unicorn glitter, but that isn't what emerges on their finger. Are we going to go back to hysteria over Fracking One Millions Years Energy Independence next, after declaring BitCoin the new national currency? How about dusting off the fabled 100 MPG carburetor? Enjoy your sky high oil to go along with your Happy Motoring ( and PS, it isn't a problem that Russia supplies 10% of our oil, the problem is we need to import six million barrels a day- after we lost Saudi Arabia to China/Russia ). The article is valid as far as dependency. I'm just yelling at "I'm the richest moron in the universe" being stupid about how oil works, and his legions of followers who do as much thinking-none-as he does.