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You really can’t blame the substitute here…..

INSANE: A teacher and students get into a fight in a Dallas middle school and throw chairs at each other

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) March 11, 2022

What is it with Africans throwing chairs? Every time there is a brawl at some restaurant they pick up chairs and start tossing them. As you can see from the blood streaming down the subs face, a chair thrown by a middle school punk is a very dangerous thing.

The school cancelled classes to focus on “safety”
According to that story, the substitute teacher is 73 so that is a pretty impressive throw for a man that old. The fight apparently started after “a disagreement over a box of tissue paper on his desk”. Try to think back to your time in school, can you imagine a scenario where a box of Kleenex leads to an 8th grader throwing a chair at a teacher? It is hard to imagine this chaos when you read stuff like this:
Former Dallas ISD police chief Craig Miller, who now works as a security consultant, said he often sees escalations of threats or issues as campuses approach time off. Spring break was scheduled in DeSoto for next week.

“It is very important for school administrators to be aware of this trend and prepare the staffs at every campus prior to these breaks,” he said. “Many of the substitute teachers who work the days leading up to breaks don’t know the students in each class and, thus, don’t realize the triggers that certain students might have.”
Oh, poor baby! The 73 year old sub didn’t know the “triggers”. I would guess that the 8th grader would be triggered by just about anything.
What a human disaster that classroom represents but it is not at all surprising. From what I can tell, DeSoto is around 3/4 black and the rest is mestizo. From the Dallas Observer, In Dallas, White Flight Never Ends:
The change has been most dramatic in Dallas County’s southernmost school districts: Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville and Lancaster ISDs. In 1997, DeSoto and Cedar Hill were majority white, Duncanville was nearly half (48.6 percent) and Lancaster was slightly under a third (31.2 percent).

DeSoto is now 3 percent white, having lost 91 percent of its white population. The number of low-income students, meanwhile, has quadrupled:
Gee, with videos like the one at the top, why are Whites “fleeing” these school districts? You can leave your White kid in these schools where they will no doubt be subject to bullying and outright violence or take them somewhere they can actually try to learn and hopefully not die. That isn’t a tough decision. 
It isn’t just White students fleeing these insane asylums/zoos…
Look at this chart from that story:

Less than half of new teachers come back after the first year. That might be kind of a problem. Of course the article blames it on Covid and insufficient pay. No, I am serious. The article is from January so they didn’t know to blame it on Putin. 
No mention of the impossible task of taking some idealistic 22 year old White girl with a new education degree getting dumped into a sea of violence and stupidity and trying to teach those animals. They get paid plenty to work 8 months of the year but no amount of money is worth having some little asshole throw a chair at you. I wrote about something similar in 2020, “Journalism”, and included this quote:

My assumption is that black kids are suspended and arrested more often because they are committing serious infractions deserving of suspension or arrest more often. There is a reason that teacher turnover is so high in urban schools compared to suburban and rural schools. A few years back a news story was running about St. Louis public schools suing 32 teachers for quitting mid-year. The attorney for the teachers responded:

Attorney Emily Perez said the contracts are not enforceable and suing to collect the $3,000 is unfair to the teachers because they faced stressful, toxic and even unsafe work environments.

Other reports surrounding this situation cited one teacher who was punched in the face by a student, and the student didn’t face any disciplinary action. These sort of incidents are pretty common and occasionally videos surface.

By the way, St. Louis Public Schools are around 80% black… 

When being a teacher is so awful that you have to threaten to sue new teachers to keep them from leaving. 
This is another example of the demographic disaster that is unfolding in American urban areas and slowly spilling out into the rest of the country. What are the odds of an 8th grader who throws a chair at a 73 year old teacher not turning into a violent criminal who either kills someone else or is killed before his mid 20s?
The next 10 years are going to be great as the festering swamps known as urban schools vomit fledgling criminals out into society with no discipline, no education, no marketable skills but with a huge chip on their shoulders.
This is only going to end one way.


  1. Anonymous

    Rather than encouraging White parents to homeschool in order to protect their children from the feral savages, we should be strongly encouraging the savages to 'homeschool', instead. Think about it. They aren't going to learn anything anyway, whether in skoo' or on the skreets. So let's dispense with the bullshit charade of pretending to educate the uneducable and rid the public schools of this implacable impediment to learning. The majority of them are only there for the free meals and daycare, which can be handled elsewhere, far away from civilized society.

    I don't know a "good one", personally, but if there really are any, I hope they are deeply ashamed of their chimping peers. I recall substitute teachers taking a lot of shite back in my lily-White youth. But nothing approaching having to dodge flung furniture in the classroom. If it's not chairs, it's their own feces. Sub-humans, the lot of them.

  2. Xzebek

    Regardless of the setting, a troop of simians is going to act like a troop of simians. Expecting anything other than that is wishcasting. Singly, or in the smallest of numbers,this behavior can be avoided. Otherwise, expect feral behavior. Sad but true.

  3. Anonymous

    back in 2012, when I was trying to get my ssd started. there was a well dressed lack lady who wanted me to teach in north philly high schools. I thought she was nuts ! she pointed out my military background
    schooling and other bullshit that I be perfect for the job. so, I said sure if I don't get stabbed in the back or shot walking to my car. the judge was pissed, at first I thought I was fucked.
    was not the case, the judge was pissed at ssd clowns for fucking with me for 3 years after I filed
    anyway, the clowns at ssd or ssi do not want you a white working male to stop working.
    and yet at the fucking ssi office, over 70% of the "people" there did not speak english, I be willing to bet they got the bennies long before I did.
    unban schools are shit and have been for a long time now. as for the porch monkeys ,there not aa lot you can do with them. except shoot them when the time comes, they not much good for anything else.
    another reason why I left the city as soon as I could. I don't want to be within 200 miles of any big city with "people" like that there. and I am also uphill, they are lazy and will not walk any farther than they have to, and uphill walking takes work they not willing to do.
    plan according as this shit is going to go hot here soon. distance is your friend here.
    and away from main roads, rail roads lines/tracks, power line trails/paths anything they can travel along. and with the so called leaders in power now, I figured time getting close when the music stops and there no chairs for anyone.

  4. Jim Wetzel

    Watched the video twice (all I can stand), and didn't see a single White person in there, including the substitute. That ruined my theory about what the "trigger" was. Initially, I was sure that the substitute was calling the roll, and De-nice failed to answer, as did A-Aron.

    So, yeah … Putin. Even in January, he was radiating Pure Evil into the USA.

  5. 3g4me

    "White flight" doesn't end anywhere, and the flight isn't merely from feral blacks, but from majority Oriental and subcon schools. Schools where the only parent volunteers are White, and there are no Whites in the school orchestra, and there are almost no Asians in the extracurricular activities because they all attend Chinese cram school or Indian dance school.

    Those 'inner-ring suburbs' they discuss went dark years ago. And Plano, which they claim was the 'White flight' destination in the 1990s, was even then heavily Oriental and subcon. Then people moved further north to Frisco – now just as 'diverse.' And Prosper, which back in the early 2000s was beyond all major roads and almost entirely White, is now almost fully built out and people are moving out even further.

    Prosper's demise, ironically enough, began with black football players flush with cash building large homes out there. But money doesn't begin to change race and its attendant culture, and the black football players' kids played football in a White high school filled with blonde girls, and the usual ensued. The search for a safe space, where White kids and teens can somehow enjoy a public school career similar to what their parents or grandparents remember from the 1950s through the 1980s, will never succeed because there is almost nowhere that either the government or a do-gooder NGO or church or shitlib import neighbor will not work to add destructive diversity. And thus follows, like night and day, violence. It's one of the inescapable laws of the universe, but since most Whites have been bred to disregard it, it will all end in fire.

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