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Dog. Wag. You Know The Drill.

In a matter of days the renewed Iranian nuclear talks fell apart, Our Greatest Ally™ capped a couple of Iranians in Syria FFS and now we are getting footage of missiles striking the U.S. consulate in Erbil, Iraq.

Of course we will have to respond to save face but this time the missiles were launched (allegedly) from within Tabriz, Iran. It wouldn’t surprise me if they actually were launched from somewhere else but it doesn’t matter because the narrative is set. Iran struck an American target from within Iran so there is no question where the missiles came from. It sounds like the consulate is under construction so no one was killed but it still is provocative. 
The whole thing stinks to high heaven but when they rouse Creepy Joe around noon tomorrow and load him up with stimulants I am sure we will get a rambling speech and at minimum some sort of significant cruise missile strike on Iranian military targets if we are lucky, something far more significant if not.
Good thing there aren’t any other major hot spots in the world right now….

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