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Diversity Is Also Canada’s Greatest Strength

American Renaissance ran a piece last week looking at The Color Of Murder In Toronto. The results were as unsurprising as you might expect.

Out of the 35 perps with names and photos (minors have their identities protected), only two are white — even though roughly half the city is. It’s another reminder that racial behavioral patterns are universal.
Well who woulda thunk it?
As is my policy, I went to check it out for myself at the webpage of the Toronto Police. Sure enough…

This guy might be innocent of murder but he is guilty of having horrifying hair.

That is quite the traditional Canadian name, descended from Canada’s founding stock no doubt.
You have to scroll at the way to the bottom to find the two White people on the list.

The murders committed by Rosaleen Wallace and Dennis Howe occured in 1987 and 1983 respectively. Rosaleen Wallace apparently didn’t provide adequate care for her 5 year old son who suffered from Hirschsprung’s Disease and is wanted for his death but has never been found. Howe murdered a 9 year old girl named Sharin’ Morningstar Keenan, found stuffed in his fridge. He likewise disappeared but would be in his 80s now. He also was reputed to be a heavy smoker so odds are he is long dead.
At the Toronto PD website you can click on the photo of each wanted murderer and see their victims. I didn’t go through all of them of course but the first dozen or so I looked at were, with the exception of one White guy, all some sort of black on black  (or brown on brown or some combination thereof) violence. 
As the AmRen article notes, Toronto is just about half White but other than two White murders from 35 or more years ago, the entire most wanted list is either black, mestizo or some sort of South Asian. Makes one wonder, would Toronto have any murders at all if the city was 100% White? Since Toronto already has a very low murder rate and the murders they do have seem overwhelmingly to be committed by non-Whites, it seems reasonable to assume that absent their diversity Toronto’s murder rate would be similar to that in Tokyo, a city that has such a low crime rate that it doesn’t even get mentioned on their Wikipedia page. 
I guess violent crime is just a small price to pay for the glorious advantages of diversity.


  1. Anonymous

    Given that the far left enemedia has no conscience and will literally make up lies out of whole cloth, it's a wonder that they have not (yet) conjured imaginary White murderers to dilute such wonderfully vibrant Most Wanted lists. What is there to stop them from generating digital depictions of MAGA hat-wearing, pudgy, balding, middle-aged White deplorables and fabricating murderous curricula vitae for their creations? Maybe even throw in some good, old-fashioned Emmett Till lynching credentials.

    Right now it's a game of Where's Waldo, trying to pick out the Whites in a compendium of mugshots. Surely there is a chapter in Rules for Radicals about flooding the collective consciousness with false narratives designed to muddy the waters and hide the real villains.

  2. daniel_day

    "Tokyo, a city that has such a low crime rate that it doesn't even get mentioned on their Wikipedia page" I took a look at Tokyo's Japanese-language Wikipedia page. A high crime rate was mentioned, with Tokyo Prefecture tagged as the "second-worst" for crime rate. That's just FYI, and probably not surprising, since it's far and away the largest city in Japan. In comparison to the U.S., crime is fairly low.

  3. Anonymous

    The town i live in has 2 murders in the last 70 years. One was 10 years ago.a chinese guy bought a house in town so his native GF could be closer to her family on the reserve 15km from town. A couson of hers who didnt like the idea of her dating outside the tribe showed up and stabbed the guy.

    The other was in the 80's when two native men drove into town and dumped the body of a women they killed in town on a weekend in front of dozens of witnesses.

    In most Canadian cities outside toronto the natives make up the majority of murders.


  4. Arthur Sido

    There are blaques convinced that the murders in Chicago are committed by Whites who drive to the Windy City to gun down blacks and the police are in on it and arrest blacks as patsies. They really believe it.

  5. James M Dakin

    Violent Crime is a small price to pay for diversity Brown Shirts ( the fighting among themselves is training to fight us ). The civil war already started, and you are already targeted. I used to make fun of the book "Turner Diaries". I'm not so sure anymore ( I thought it hilarious Blacks would be armed and sent to kill Whites on behest of the Jew Federal Government. Now, I'm wondering where the guy bought his crystal ball )

  6. McNasty

    The funny thing about this, if you actually find this funny, is the fed gov is banning guns right now and has ads all over the tv and radio claiming violence is rising. The patsys in the media go along with this lie lockstep.
    What I am waiting for is when the guns are gone and murder and crime is still high, what will they say? It's rhetorical, as we all know they will lie. But do you think any "normals" will question it?
    I guess the way covid has been tossed out of the car answered this for me, But I still wonder.

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