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Best Post You Will Read This Week

I stopped what I was writing to say: Run, don’t walk, to Wilder’s joint and read:

If there is one thing /ourguys/ are good at, it is diagnosing the problems. If there is one thing /ourguys/ suck at, it is prescribing solutions. Bitching about what is wrong is easy, figuring out what to do in response is hard. What John recommends in response to a world gone mad is common sense but that is an uncommon commodity in our world. Basic stuff like eating right, getting married and exercising your mind will go a long way toward improving your quality of life.
His post also contains the worst advice ever given in an internet comment.
Being married is tough. It is certainly tough for my wife to be married to me, I am often a pain in the ass. It would have been easy for her to kick me to the curb a long time ago but we don’t believe that is how you deal with tough times. While it has it’s ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
So when I see people who are supposed to be /ourguys/ telling younger /ourguys/ that marriage is for suckers and women are icky and likely have cooties? It makes me furious. 
Sure marriage is hard and yes young White women are a mess. Have you see the average young White guy? Doughy, weird, awkward, soft, spends his day playing video games and watching anime. Wow, what an attractive potential husband they make! Both young men and young women are in a tough marketplace when it comes to marriage.
What should we do? Just retreat to the internet and let White people die out?
Congrats, that is exactly what the globalists want to happen. 
Owning the libtards by doing exactly what they want. That is some Trump level 16D chess right there buddy.
Here is a good rule of thumb:
If the advice someone is giving helps to accomplish the goals of the people that hate you, that person is an imbecile and the very epitome of a useful idiot. 

White people dying out is exactly what they want. Do you think it is a coincidence that *they* have been pushing degeneracy for decades, assailing the traditional family, encouraging cheap sex and abortion? The family is the bedrock of Western civilization. Not “muh Constitution”. The family. 
If you want to piss off the neo-Bolsheviks and strike terror in their hearts, you don’t do it via anonymous angry ranting online. You don’t even do it by having the best preps. You do it by prioritizing family over anything else.
Young guys, you aren’t going to find the size 2 perkey breasted willowy blonde tradwife in a sundress dancing in a wheat field. You just aren’t. Marriage, especially in the early years, is about two people becoming one unit. This works best when you are young. Again, do you wonder why all of the advice from “experts” who coincidentally hate you is that you should delay marriage as long as possible? My wife wasn’t politically astute when we got married 30 years ago. Like most young women it just wasn’t all that important to her. Today? You bet she is and she “gets it” better than most men on /ourside/. We figured stuff out together and that is hard work but a whole lot easier than trying to find some 32 year old chick that is already red-pilled but not so psychologically scarred as to be useless.
As the ancient saying goes, it is not good for man to be alone. Having a stable family is more important than knowing first aid or being able to hit a target at 1000 yards or an impressive physique. 
Young White women, there are men out there who will treat you properly and be good husbands and fathers. Don’t squander your youth chasing the lies you are told by bitter old hags who are dying alone and want every other woman to be as miserable as they are.
Young White men, there are women out there who are worth the effort it takes to make a good marriage. Instead of whining like a little bitch loser about there not being any good ones left, make yourself someone who deserves a good wife and you will be surprised to find that they are out there.
I don’t envy young White people in this current climate but that makes it all the more imperative to reject the false “solution” of being alone. Sure it is hard work but is there anything worthwhile that is easy?


  1. James M Dakin

    What did I learn from twenty years of indentured servitude, and having my children taken away? Was it that modern American bitches suck and I should never get married again? No. It was that I had been a pussy, like my education had taught me, and let a woman run my household. No wonder she didn't respect me and screwed me over. I was at fault, not "strong independent women" ( I say that with sarcasm, believe me, and I hate most females attitudes. But ultimately I was at fault and I had to change. Once that happened, women weren't so hard to get along with ). I didn't like my eventual conclusion, either, but there it is. You don't have to domineer. If you don't treat her with respect, if she isn't equal in the partnership, it won't work. You just can't let them crap test you, or give in on the too important subjects. If you don't know what those are, don't worry. You'll figure it out by the next marriage.

  2. Steve S

    Hmm. I read John's advice as 1. be careful in your selection (first bullet – "If you’re not married, take care in picking your partner.") with 2. useful advice for picking a good mate. I did not read it as "marriage is for suckers". Seemed his point was to do your best to avoid being suckered. And prioritize the marriage, "If you’re a man, don’t let your wife’s work interfere with raising the kids and keeping the house. Raising kids with decent values are more important than most luxuries."

  3. Arthur Sido

    Very well put. In many of the marriages I have seen in trouble it was at least partially due to the guy being passive. You are right, you don't have to be a tyrant but you do need to not be a doormat.

  4. Xzebek

    I'm disappointed to hear that the wheat fields by you aren't producing a sufficient supply of size 2, perky breasted, willowy blonde tradwives in sundresses.
    Maybe different fettilizer or agricultural practices would help?
    That description did make laugh loudly though.
    And your point is well taken; the pool of available white men/boys doesn't seem well prepared, or even inclined, to attract and keep a wife of a type that will form a stable loving productive family.
    Sometimes I do think that White, Western civilization is in an inexorable decline. I hope I am wrong and I hope for some catalyst to alter this declination.

  5. John Wilder

    Thank you for the kind words, Arthur. I do think that the best legacy that any person of virtue and value can give the future is their children, which a man can only create and raise in the context of a family.

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