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Back What Exactly?

By whatever measure you use, Indiana is one of the deepest “red” states in the Union. At last check every statewide office is held by a “Republican” and the GOP has huge majorities in both chambers of the State House. The Republican primaries are the de facto general election in many races and often you get someone who happens to stumble into a role and become permanent because no one opposes him/her in the primary and the Dems barely make an effort to run anyone against them. This is the case in my Congressional district where our empty suit Representative, Jim Banks, is completely useless but no one seems able to shake up the primary voters to replace him and the Democrats generally run a mentally ill kook against him with zero support. 
It also means that most conservative voters pay little attention to local and state politics because they just assume that Republican control means the government will do what they want. That is rarely the case and it highlights one of the major problems with living in a deep red state. Sure we don’t get most of the overt bullshit you see in California and New York but we don’t get a lot of what we think we are getting because the average normiecon is content with seeing the letter “R” after a politician’s name. A great example is Jennifer McCormick, the “Republican” State Superintendent of Education in Indiana. I posted about her a couple of times:
Jen is all about gay rights in Indiana schools and almost exclusively follows Democrats on Twitter, which makes sense since all of her positions seem to come right from the Democratic platform. How does she win a statewide office in deep red Indiana? She just calls herself a Republican and sucks off all the right people (metaphorically of course), gets on the ballot as the Republican and coasts to a win thanks to straight ticket GOP voters. Our governor is likewise pretty useless but he is the Republican so he wins by a landslide.
That brings us to the issue of “constitutional carry” in Indiana. The Hoosier state is one of the most gun friendly in the country, with only the barest bones of regulations. We also have one of the highest percentages of concealed carry permits in the country and just recently eliminated the fees for getting your permit. So constitutional carry, or concealed carry without the requirement for a license, should be a slam dunk. It is widely popular in the state and has plenty of backing in the legislature. However it is once again stalling in the state assembly. 
Three “Republican” State Senators joined with Democrats to basically eviscerate the provision, Liz Brown from nearby Fort Wayne, Mike Bohacek and Susan Glick. No surprise that two of the three turncoats are women. David Codrea has a good write-up about this for Ammoland: ‘Only Ones’ & GOP Turncoats Derail Indiana Permitless Carry and does a great job showing how ridiculous it is to label cops as the only ones professional and competent enough to carry firearms.
Refusing to give up, a number of Republicans have revived constitutional carry and are pressing forward once again. That has raised the ire of Indiana’s State Police Superintendent Doug Carter. He is quoted as saying:
 ….if lawmakers “support this bill, you will not be supporting us.”
Oh, supporting the cops and “backing the blue” now means only voting the way they tell us? I think we call that a “police state” and that is supposed to be bad.

Of course the handful of Indiana Democrats jumped on board with Doug’s asinine comments. Talk about biting the hand that backs you.
Which party supports the police, at least rhetorically?
The Republicans.
Which party is endlessly talking about “defunding the police”?
The Democrats
Who are the most supportive people when it comes to law enforcement, the people with Back The Blue and FOP stickers on their cars?
White conservatives.
Who are the All Cops Are Bastards (ACAB) and bLM types?
Not White conservatives. 
It kind of makes you feel stupid for backing the cops when the top cop in Indiana thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to carry a firearm to protect yourself and your family without permission.
Let me break it on down for you Dougie:
If you make me choose between my natural human right to self-defense, codified in the 2nd Amendment, or “Backing The Blue”? I will choose my rights all day, every day, and twice on Sunday.
The “gun violence” problems we have in Indiana are not from law abiding citizens carrying firearms without permits, we have a ton of people with carry permits including yours truly. The problem we have with gun violence is almost exclusively blacks shooting each other, and a significant percentage, perhaps a supermajority, of those shooters aren’t legally allowed to carry with or without a permit.
People in Indiana are generally law abiding, pleasant people who respect authority and back the blue. The people who are causing the problems are generally unpleasant people and don’t back the blue. It might be smart to not piss off the people who support you Doug, because that might backfire when you really need our support.


  1. 3g4me

    It's the same here in Texas, and that's why I mock those at Zman who insist voting locally still matters. No, it does not. John Cornyn, who is a much a part of Conservative, Inc. as they come and who never met an immigrant he didn't prefer to a heritage American, will be re-elected until he dies (or finally decides to step down like Sam Johnson did at age 89). Worthless wheelchair gov recently got almost 70% of the vote in the primary. A local car magnate, who at least campaigned against illegal immigrants (about as far as one can go in 'polite' society here in Texas) got a mere 11%. And former local rep Van Taylor, who replaced 'indispensable' Sam Johnson, quit even pretending to be a conservatard as soon as he went national, although that could possibly have been aided by the affair he was conducting with a local Muslima. Hey, he did manage to vote in favor of Juneteenth before he was exposed!

    They're all useless as tits on a boar hog. Why I don't vote . . . and no one else ought to either.

  2. James M Dakin

    Voting is stupid, but I guess if that is the only hope you have left… I'm not sure why cops hate us carrying guns. We self defense against an Oh-Pressed Minority, they can send in the SWAT team to arrest us and Disappear us, able to use their shiny toys and support the whole system that feeds them. Seems like a win for them the more citizens who carry guns. Kill off fellow Whites for them, or we feed the Police State for them.

  3. Lergnom

    Hi,all. Delurking to share this.

    "Elections are won not by converting the opposition but by getting out your own vote, and Scudder's organization did just that. According to histories I studied at Boondock, the election of 2012 turned out 63 percent of the registered voters (which in turn was less than half of those eligible to register); the True American party (Nehemiah Scudder) polled 27 percent of the popular vote… which won 81 percent of the Electoral College votes."

    "In 2016 there was no election."

    –Robert A. Heinlein, To Sail Beyond the Sunset, 1987

    I Vote, no matter how painful or pointless it seems at times. The other side won't win because I stayed home. Back to lurking.
    Stay safe

  4. LGC


    Even if the votes did actually count (which they clearly don't, see 2020) it doesn't matter. Picking the lesser of two evils is in fact, still evil.

    Also any "conservative" still backing the blue after the last two years their opinion can be completely ignored as useless.

  5. Steve S

    They've said these things better than I likely could.
    (Nor politicians.)

    EXCERPT When push comes to shove, the police will side with the state. They are the state.

    If and when the order ever comes down to go door to door in America and confiscate guns, the police will do so on behalf of the state. They will arrest you if you fail to comply, and they will kill you if resist.

    People for some reason have this idea that the police only enforce the law so long as the police agree that the laws are honest and just, and that police will cease enforcing the law when the laws become unjust.

    This is emphatically not the case. History shows us that police will follow just about any order handed down to them. They will be complicit in unspeakable atrocities if the state orders it.
    Why Did it Have to be … Guns?

    EXCERPT On the other hand — or the other party — should you believe anything politicians say who claim they stand for freedom, but drag their feet and make excuses about repealing limits on your right to own and carry weapons?

  6. Anonymous

    I Don't support stasi that flies there own Flag with a blue strip,Must be a reason there don't Fly the USA flag or uphold there oath they took,And it ain't because they're Patriots

  7. Anonymous

    way back in my much younger days, I carried on the streets of philly, not a high priced handgun, just something I knew I could count on to WORK. of course back them guns like a mauser hsc or walther ppk used where under a 100 bucks. never used a holster back then, you can ditch a gun in a hurry if faced with a cop shakedown, but a holster ? not so much. either way, I will have a gun with me at all times. as things now are a lot worse than they where back in the 1970's.
    anyway, I have done it the legal way for the last 10-12 years. but if it came to it again. I would carry regardless of what laws they pass.
    I have seen what happen to people who did not have a way to defend themselves in the past.
    I do not plan on going out that way. god willing, I take at least 2 or more if that time comes.

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