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An Unwelcome Blast From The Past

I haven’t hit a C-Note at the gas pump in many years, and it stopped at $100 because that was all the pump will allow you to do at once. My tank holds 28 gallons when empty…


  1. Anonymous

    My gas tank is smaller than yours. I try not to let the gas level go below 1/2 tank before topping it off again. Like you, I live in a rural area and I am afraid that if SHTF of any sort, that I will be caught short. I know that I won't be driving much of anywhere as I will be "bugging in" and not "bugging out" (due to mobility problems) but I do have family just a few minutes away and I might be able to go to them or bring them to me.

    Last week, I went to the retinal specialist in South Bend (my specialist folded her practice over a weekend with no explanation) and the car used just over 1/2 tank. It cost me $51.00 to fill it up again at $4.25/gallon. The new specialist says he wants to see me literally once a week. Guess what I have to look forward to doing?

    Blue Tile Spook

  2. Steve S

    I recall the last time gas was that high, and the fill up was usually over $50. Of course the stations were refusing to accept $50 bills. Worried about counterfeits, guess you need to print up $20s.

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