Wednesday, March 16, 2022

An Unwelcome Blast From The Past

I haven't hit a C-Note at the gas pump in many years, and it stopped at $100 because that was all the pump will allow you to do at once. My tank holds 28 gallons when empty...


  1. My gas tank is smaller than yours. I try not to let the gas level go below 1/2 tank before topping it off again. Like you, I live in a rural area and I am afraid that if SHTF of any sort, that I will be caught short. I know that I won't be driving much of anywhere as I will be "bugging in" and not "bugging out" (due to mobility problems) but I do have family just a few minutes away and I might be able to go to them or bring them to me.

    Last week, I went to the retinal specialist in South Bend (my specialist folded her practice over a weekend with no explanation) and the car used just over 1/2 tank. It cost me $51.00 to fill it up again at $4.25/gallon. The new specialist says he wants to see me literally once a week. Guess what I have to look forward to doing?

    Blue Tile Spook

  2. Off topic but I wasn't sure how else to contact you.
    Did you see this?
    Something similar happened in Taiwan too.
    What's going on? Fertilizer plants, food warehouses. It's almost enough to make me break out the tin foil.
    Semper Fi, Catfish

    1. I saw that, weird stuff is going on man. Also I added a widget to contact me below the blog list so you can hit me up that way.

  3. I went to town today. First time in 10 days. Make it count.

  4. I recall the last time gas was that high, and the fill up was usually over $50. Of course the stations were refusing to accept $50 bills. Worried about counterfeits, guess you need to print up $20s.

  5. My tank is 132 liters so about 32 gallon. A fill from a quarter tank was $198 the other day.