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American “Conservatism” Summarized In A Single Screenshot

Oy vey.
A homosexual Jew and his “husband” are apparently purchasing two children from Rent-A-Wombs. They are congratulated by an organization headed by a “conservative” Jew named Dennis Prager (assume the scare quotes on every use of conservative going forward). Normiecons uncomfortably clap in approval even though they know this is wrong.
What is there for a conservative to congratulate these two men about? They didn’t conceive these children in a natural way, being in a sterile and degenerate lifestyle. These children will be little more than fashion accessories for two homosexual men to trot out as attempted cover for their perverse lifestyle. They will grow up without a mother, because even the most effeminate faggot is still just a swishy dude. Credit where due to Mark Dice for calling this out.

Regardless many conservatives will cheer and applaud this, including a lot of conservative Christians. Some other voices on Twitter applauding what amounts to human trafficking….

Lots of conservatives follow these accounts, I follow Rufio and he got torched in the replies.
It can seem overly simplistic to say that mainline conservatism in America is just progressive positions from 5 years earlier but they keep reinforcing the meme. People who unironically call themselves conservatives in 2022 are generally not serious people.


  1. Anonymous

    It's the same old thing. Start a nice group, and pretty soon the feds and the sodomists join and ruin the whole brand.

  2. Greg

    I've always asked the anthropological question about whether homosexuality is normal or not, can you show me a society, anywhere in human history, NOT in its death throes, where homosexuality was NOT taboo?
    Don't ask me whether it's natural or not, ask their pharmacists. I don't care if you're male, female, straight or homo, the poop chute is not for sex. Period, end of discussion.

  3. Anonymous

    Exactly. The bottom line for me with homosexuality being 'normal' is that it is not what those parts of your body are intended to be used for. And, without scientific intervention, it takes a man and a woman to reproduce and make a baby. Period.


  4. 3g4me

    As I've noted at Zman, although I feel enormous sympathy for married heterosexual couples who cannot conceive normally, if I ruled the world all 'assistive reproductive technology' would be banned. Women selling their eggs and renting their wombs – to heterosexuals OR homosexuals – is obscene and Satanic. Men selling their sperm and women injecting it is obscene and Satanic. The hundreds of doctors who used their own sperm to artificially inseminate thousands of women instead of using their husbands' (or the 'donor' they selected) are evil. Women bearing their daughters' 'children' because said daughters were born without a uterus is obscene and Satanic.

    If you cannot conceive naturally, I am terribly sorry, but adopt or pray but accept it and deal with it. Humans are either individuals with souls created by God, or they are lab rats. They cannot be both.

  5. Arthur Sido

    Having children isn't some sort of human right, not everyone is fertile. We were and I am thankful for it but some people just aren't. It is pretty standard stuff, they have, I want, make it happen and damn the consequences.

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