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America 2022

Apparently the Oscars, aka the Academy Awards, were on last night and it featured a new twist: a live chimp out.

The Academy Awards used to feature White people dressed up in fancy clothing, lots of narcissistic self-congratulation and painfully long acceptance speeches. 
More recently the Oscars featured degeneracy, political speeches and vulgar “jokes” for cheap laughs but never an assault. 
My first reaction was that Will Smith didn’t really hit him that hard but Chris Rock was a pussy for standing there and taking it. But then my bullshit alarm went off.
We have seen endless kabuki theater for most of my life, and worse recently from the “pandemic” (remember videos of people keeling over in China from Covid?) to the Ukraine war propaganda that is 99.8% bullshit. Why would this be any different?
Will Smith and Chris Rock are both actors, Rock doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his heart warming portrayal of a crackhead in the powerful drama “New Jack City”. One thing they learn as actors is how to fake hitting someone. That makes me suspect that this whole “fight” was staged to drive viewers for next year. Given how dismal the ratings have been, what better way to get viewers next year:
Tune in to see which black guy assaults someone!
Maybe it was “real” but in 2022 the odds favor it being staged.
Everything you see is fake and gay. Don’t forget that.


  1. LGC

    there's a Japanese uncensored video and in it, Smith walks back to his seat and visibly angry says "do not talk about my fucking wife". Rock says something like "it was a joke" and Smith repeats the line "do not talk about my fucking wife".

    He's visibly angry and in another video i saw at commercial break that Denzel and someone else came over to console Smith (which seems wrong i know).

    I think this one was real.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, seems they pushed more than a few buttons on Oscars night. Playing 'Africa' while a pair of Africans took to the stage was pure set-up, no question. There was a missed opportunity, however, when da boys played slapfight over one dissing the other's shortie. A few choruses of "Jungle Boogie" at that moment would have lit the fuse quite nicely.

    Should anyone care to break into 'Danny Boy' when I enter the room, I would actually be honored. But then again, I am White Irish, infinitely proud of my lineage. So the pipes calling from glen to glen and down the mountainside suits me just fine.

    Apparently, blessing the rains down in Africa is somehow insulting to those who look like they might have sprung from there. Seems to me that they just don't want to be reminded of where they came from.

    Not my monkeys, not my circus.

  3. Anonymous

    It's pretty standard honor culture stuff. I was raised to do the same thing growing up in southeast Oklahoma. It was a guy's job to protect the honor and reputation of his woman, including kicking the crap out of anybody who dishonored her. I remember a few years ago when it was all the rage to denigrate the Scots-Irish honor culture because it placed so much emphasis on individual honor, saving face, and appeals to individual combat. Now we get to celebrate the same kind of honor culture in the African-American community.

  4. JackDup

    Rock was bracing himself for the stunt slap as Smith walked towards him, if you know anything about throwing a fake punch/slap it is done with a short draw backwards which allows for a gentler punch/slap, then a wild follow through for dramatic effect.

    Seems from what I am reading Benedict Cumberbatch the white guy who also was nominated for best actor had a better performance than Will Smith, but the Acadamy felt the need to give Smith the award, AKA reparations.

    Seems like Rock and Smith attended the Jussie Smollett school of acting to me.

  5. Arthur Sido

    They are probably mad because 'Africa' is a song about the Dark Continent written and performed by a bunch of White guys. White guys are even better at singing about a continent full of blacks.

  6. Anonymous

    Will Smith's initial reaction looked real to me; chuckled quietly until his utter skank of a wife looked upset & away he went to surging onstage to protect "M'lady"'s honour. The thing that doesn't really ring true is Rock was still standing, and seemed unmarked. It sounded like a solid impact. If I open-hand cuffed another man that hard, surely I'd mark his face. I'd expect to have split his lip, make his nose bleed or at the very least make him dazed or want payback. None of that was apparent, but as you say, this is unholyweird and it is all about the show. And doesn't Smith have a new nutflix show & book out at the moment?

  7. Anonymous

    Amen to that, Arthur. So probably not going to appeal to those fey, limp-wristed, bitch-slapping chimp-pansies (I see what I did there…)

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