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A Wild Bison Appears!

The March installment from Bison Prepper has hit the interwebz:

Where does he come up with these snappy titles?
Check it out.


  1. Xzebek

    He may not put a lot of imagination into his title but the very interesting post has enough stream of consciousness init to make James Joyce and Virginia Woolf blush!

  2. Greg

    Thanks for the link. Living in the commie peoples' republic of Oregon, we have an insane amount of gummint infringement our our 2A rights. As far as I can tell out here in the red parts of the state, there's a lot of Irish Democracy going on. Also on topic with the BP post is that my order to the LDS Church Store has come through complete and FedEx to my door for $3.00 shipping. Thanks for those tips awhile back.

  3. Mike Guenther

    On gun control…if everything doesn't go totally to shit, what's to stop TPTB from enacting their prized digital currency and social credit score scheme, whereby they can freeze a registered gun owner's bank assets until they give up their guns. Better hope you have some guns that don't have "paper" on them.

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