Thursday, March 31, 2022

Little By Little

News today in the 2A realm. A small manufacturer of super cheap handguns, Jimenez Arms, makers of the Jimenez pistol that is hot garbage, was sued into oblivion under the grounds that their guns are too cheap and therefore end up on the street being used by La'poondang to shoot into crowds of black folk.

You might say, "Who cares, those guns are junk and we are all safer not having them on the streets". That might be true but on the other hand...

This creates a precedent. The company gets sued for B.S. reasons, uses bankruptcy protection to reorganize but then a deep pocketed group buys all of their machinery at auction and destroys it. The company is gone, the machinery is gone. Sure this is a small company but that is how it starts. First with small companies and then larger ones, and replacing the machinery is a costly endeavor. 

As I have been harping about for some time, while Creepy Joe is a demented imbecile, the people pulling his strings are not and they have a strategy. Knowing that an outright gun ban is impractical right now, the strategy is to destroy the industry in small pieces aka Death By A Thousand Cuts.

No compromise with these people. Not one inch.

Nigel Nails It

Nigel Farage has his faults but he is dead on the money in this clip Tucker ran. I have it timestamped to the relevant section, the stuff leading up to it is pretty standard stuff we have heard from Tucker before.

The average Ukraine flag waving dolt in the U.S. who thinks Putin just decided to invade Ukraine on the spur of the moment doesn't seem to understand that this has been in the works since 2014 and a really a lot earlier. If you haven't read it yet, you should read this:

We have been poking at Russia for a bunch of reasons for years and now are acting like this came out of nowhere. It didn't. Meanwhile we seem to be about to see a major shift and the big showdown, not in Kiev where everyone is paying attention, but in the breakaway republics which have been the target all along.

The Zman usually has some good analysis and it appears that the Russians have 150,000 troops for the big fight and the Ukrainians only 70,000. I don't know where he gets that so I am taking him at his word. Should Russia succeed in locking down the breakaway regions and getting their land corridor to the Black Sea, all that is left is the agreement for Ukraine to stay out of NATO which Ukraine has pretty much agreed to and the recognition that Ukraine isn't getting those eastern parts back and that's the ballgame. 

Two other factors.

One, far from undermining Putin this conflict with the West seems to have solidified his position. We see the conflict from the perspective of Vodka Man Bad posts and Ukrainian flags in social media profiles but in Russia it seems to be just more Western chauvinism against Russia, a people who have always thought of themselves as apart from the rest of Europe. This is an interesting piece on how actual Russians, distinguished from armchair anonymous bloggers in America who don't know shit, are thinking about the war:

For Russians it seems they see Putin as perhaps a cold hearted bastard but he is their cold hearted bastard.  Don't underestimate how seeing someone else shitting on you can make you rally around your leader.

The other factor is that Russians are people used to deprivation and hardship so while the sanctions have hurt them, they seem to be hurting the West a lot more and we are no longer people with any ability to deal with even the mildest of inconvenience. Time will tell if it was a death blow but it certainly looks like it might be a major blow to U.S. global hegemony. The world runs on cheap oil and Russia provides a lot of it, and selling it using something other than the U.S. petrodollar is a major gamechanger. The haphazard response from the U.S. has made it that much easier for Putin to get us to kneecap ourselves to get back at Vodka Man Bad.

All around this is a bad situation and getting worse. Better look at your road gear, you need to have more than a few flares and a bottle of water because things could go crazy at a moment's notice.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Oh Come On

Even by their already low standards, this is ugly and cowardly.

White kid is running a race, in the lead. black kid who is not part of the race is inexplicably standing on the track for no reason whatsoever. White kid yells for him to get out of the way so as you would expect the next lap the black kid intentionally gets in his way again, so the White kid pushes him out of the way. And then the black kid runs behind the White kid and sucker punches him.

That might be the blackest thing I have seen all week. One would assume they would arrest the African kid for assault but this is America in 2022 so the White kid will probably get charged for a hate crime for yelling at him to get out of the way.

Another Quick Link

Most of you already saw it but if not check out Big Country Expat's post: 

I am a huge proponent of having paper maps, at a minimum for your AO and anywhere you might be travelling. It is the simplest thing in the world for them to shut off your access to GPS and Google maps and most of our fellow Americans couldn't find their butt with both hands without a GPS to tell them where it is. When I take a trip I always look at the route on a map, often on the web, but I can follow the roads and know where I am going. Most younger people seem incapable of even doing that. 

Maps can be had for cheap or free but when you need one you won't have time to order one from Amazon.

Turns Out They Are Idiots

Lots going on here in the Hoosier state and kicking my butt so posting is sketchy right now but I wanted to share this video from The Critical Drinker.

As a yoof, we went to the theater and saw lots of movies, and as I got into my teens I went to movies and saw none of it. I think I went to see The Great Outdoors in 1988, with Dan Akroyd and John Candy, and I don't remember a single minute of the film thanks to the distraction provided by my female companion. 

Anhyoo, back then movie stars were something you only ever saw on the screen, either in the theater or on TV. They were glamorous and mysterious. Most of us could expect to go our entire life and never interact with a movie star or any other famous person like a pro athlete or a news personality. Even if we did it would be fleeting, catching a glimpse of them in public. We didn't know them and honestly everyone was better off that way.

The Drinker is right, once we got to see into their heads we realized what fucking imbeciles these people really are. The mystique was gone.

They exist to entertain and distract us and are paid handsomely for it but somewhere along the line they forgot this and thought that their opinions mattered. I can understand it, they are paid unimaginable sums to play pretend on screen and are adored by fans but once they started to interact with us, we saw them for what they are. Most of them are dumb and many of them are evil, not to mention a significant percentage being certifiably mentally ill. 

Unfortunately for all of us, many of our fellow Americans are also stupid, criminally so, and many are evil and degenerate. So these people listen to every word that spews from the mouth or twitter account of celebrities with the same adoration and zeal as an old widow watching a televangelist on TV. This means that up-jumped court jesters have incredible influence on the world we live in and that is bad for everyone. For me this means spending zero dollars paying to see their stuff, not movies or sports or anything else. The only way to rein them in is to starve the beast.

The epitaph for Western civilization will be that we allowed too many stupid people to live.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Whoopsie War

In the last hundred years, America has been in a bunch of wars. Lots of them. Most of my lifetime we have been in some sort of war or another, usually at the orders of the President and The Usual Suspects that pull their strings.

We have been manipulated into war (WW I, WW II European theater)

We have been lied into war (Iraq/Afghanistan)

We have been forced into war ( WW II Pacific theater)

But we might be on the verge of being oopsie daisy's into a war. 

Just in recent days we have had Biden mumble about:

Threatening to respond to a chemical weapon attack by attacking Russia "in kind", in other words using chemical weapons

Telling the 82nd Airborne how much they will enjoy Ukraine when they get there.

We are at a point where we need to have a serious national conversation about invoking the 25th Amendment, like for real this time. Tucker is talking about it but I have to assume that even the Democrats are having private conversations. The obvious problem is that while Biden has dementia, Kamala Harris is both stupid and insane. 

It is getting talked about and it was even trending on Twitter. 

This is a very dangerous game being played here but the "leader of the free world" has lost his marbles and who knows what the hell he might do. Hopefully the Air Force guy with the briefcase is carrying around Depends instead of the nuclear football because I wouldn't put it past Joe to launch some birds just to see them fly.

If we are going to die in a nuclear conflagration, I just hope it isn't accidental.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Stay Out

This is a fun video from Vincent James of Red Elephants.

Even the mythical "conservative" in most of the deep blue states are not the same sort of conservatives as we understand it in Indiana or Oklahoma or Alabama. Not to say there aren't plenty of real conservatives in California and New York but those that are still there can't leave for whatever reason, usually family or job. The people fleeing now? I would bet most are slightly less loony leftists and they are going to transform the states they are fleeing to. Places like Georgia and Virginia are flipping blue primarily because of immigration but it is accelerated by liberals from northern cities moving down there and taking with them the same stupid ideas that screwed up states like New York and Massachusetts. 

This is a tough sell for Midwesterners. Our impulse is to be polite and nice to people. When I lived in New Hampshire, people thought we were weirdos because we were uncomfortably friendly to our neighbors, even me apparently and for someone to find me friendly is a stretch. I still recall being on a business trip to New Jersey, at a large pharmaceutical company like a Fortune 100 company, and saying good morning to a couple of people in the hallway. They looked at me like I just spit on their mom. 

We need to get out of our nice midwestern mindset. The time for giving people the benefit of the doubt is long past. Don't move from your shithole state to our states and expect a warm welcome. Don't move from the city out to the country and expect it either, especially when you grumble about the "smell", as if a distant cow barn smells worse than a city full of rotting garbage and puddles of homeless guy urine.

It sounds terrible to say but every liberal, or even moderate, who moves to your area of operation becomes an immediate liability for everyone around them. When things go tits up, they are going to be in trouble immediately and begging for help and begging will become demanding in a hurry. Don't underestimate the lengths to which a desperate person will go to feed their kids or themselves. It is enough to make me want to fly a Confederate flag out front just to dissuade anyone who would be offended by that from moving into my AO. 

The video is a little tongue in cheek but there is a serious message here. When it goes bad, everything will be about "local, local, local" so let's not encourage people who will be a problem to move out where we live, unless you plan on farming them as soon as the balloon goes up. That is a different conversation....

America 2022

Apparently the Oscars, aka the Academy Awards, were on last night and it featured a new twist: a live chimp out.

The Academy Awards used to feature White people dressed up in fancy clothing, lots of narcissistic self-congratulation and painfully long acceptance speeches. 

More recently the Oscars featured degeneracy, political speeches and vulgar "jokes" for cheap laughs but never an assault. 

My first reaction was that Will Smith didn't really hit him that hard but Chris Rock was a pussy for standing there and taking it. But then my bullshit alarm went off.

We have seen endless kabuki theater for most of my life, and worse recently from the "pandemic" (remember videos of people keeling over in China from Covid?) to the Ukraine war propaganda that is 99.8% bullshit. Why would this be any different?

Will Smith and Chris Rock are both actors, Rock doesn't get nearly enough credit for his heart warming portrayal of a crackhead in the powerful drama "New Jack City". One thing they learn as actors is how to fake hitting someone. That makes me suspect that this whole "fight" was staged to drive viewers for next year. Given how dismal the ratings have been, what better way to get viewers next year:

Tune in to see which black guy assaults someone!

Maybe it was "real" but in 2022 the odds favor it being staged.

Everything you see is fake and gay. Don't forget that.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Little By Little

A quick check-in on my path to getting healthier. 

Winter was a little rough, I didn't get out to walk like I had been since it was fucking cold all the time and often snowing and/or raining (like today, cold and snow on the ground). Short days, with extended periods of darkness make me lethargic and when I feel that way it is hard to keep from gobbling down everything in sight. I can say with some confidence that I didn't really gain any weight back but I also didn't really continue to lose weight and my conditioning suffered. 

At the beginning of March we decided to invest in a membership at the local YMCA (local being 25 minutes away) and I have been hitting the weights usually every other day. Mostly I walk the elevated track for 5-10 minutes to get the blood flowing and then workout on the machines for 30-40 minutes and then cool down on the track for 5-10 minutes. I try to get in at least 45 minutes of exercise, today I did a solid hour between walking and lifting. 

My biggest challenge is trying to remember that:

a) I am 50 years old, not 20

b) No one cares what setting I am lifting on

In my mind I am still the kid in high school who could bench press double my body weight but that isn't going to happen now so I try to work more reps at a reasonable weight setting instead of trying to impress people who aren't paying attention anyway and hurting myself. I am definitely significantly stronger than I was at the beginning of the month but I have a long way to go. I am not worried as much about losing weight at this stage, and more concerned with just getting stronger.

It can be tough to make myself take the time, especially when I spend 50 minutes round-trip driving to workout for the same amount of time, but fortunately my work schedule allows me to commit that time during the day when it tends to be a lot quieter at the Y. I also try to remind myself with this:

I have never regretted making the time to workout but I have often regretted it when I don't.

Simple as that. Every day you get stronger or weaker, especially in the latter stages of middle-age. 

It also helps to see stuff like this:

Who knew that not being a fat lazy fuck was LITERAL FASCISM! 

Earlier this month, researchers reported that a network of online “fascist fitness” chat groups on the encrypted platform Telegram are recruiting and radicalizing young men with neo-Nazi and white supremacist extremist ideologies. Initially lured with health tips and strategies for positive physical changes, new recruits are later invited to closed chat groups where far-right content is shared.

Physical fitness has always been central to the far right. In “Mein Kampf,” Hitler fixated on boxing and jujitsu, believing they could help him create an army of millions whose aggressive spirit and impeccably trained bodies, combined with “fanatical love of the fatherland,” would do more for the German nation than any “mediocre” tactical weapons training.

So you can join the far-right where we believe in fitness and health, physical and mental, or you can join the fatty far left and be this:

Wow, fat and insane. Awfully tempting! 

Huh, I think I will choose to be as fit as possible and try to avoid dropping dead from being a lard ass with an enlarged heart at 42.

The MSNBC article ended with this:

The realm of online fitness now provides a new and ever-expanding market for reaching and radicalizing young men; and it requires our targeted focus and resources to try and stop the cycle.

I believe that is absolutely true and young White men especially are very open to the ideas of the "far-right". When you look at the world they are inheriting and the state of most young White boys and men, there is a real opportunity here. The elites offer them a world of being fat and unhealthy, lonely losers who live for porn, weed and video games, cowering in fear of being called names and blamed for things that other people do to themselves. We need to offer them an alternative that is healthy. You feel a lot better after an hour of working out than you do after an hour of playing video games. I am quite confident that if young White men and women would spend more time exercising, their need for anti-depressants would plummet. That is certainly another reason why this scares the Left.

Sure I am not getting in shape just to give the finger to the Left but it is a nice bit of icing on the cake.

More to come.

From The "Things I Didn't Know" Files

This was an interesting article from Springfield Armory on the history of the Browning Hi-Power being used by LITERAL NAZIS!

Tip of the hat to The Tactical Hermit.

The Hi Power is of course the brainchild of John Moses Browning, praise be unto him. I didn't know that it was originally designed for the Frogs and in French it was the Grande Puissance, which sounds like something you would find on a woman with low morals. Translated from Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey it sort of means "High Power". Did not know that. The Frogs eventually declined to adopt the 9mm Hi Power and instead went with something called the Pistolet automatique modèle 1935A chambered in the super popular 7.65×20mm Longue. You have heard of the Hi Power but the Pistolet automatique modèle 1935A? Probably not although apparently it was the precursor to Sig P210, which retains the ugly aesthetics. 

Also did not know that the Krauts kept making the Hi Power when they occupied Belgium calling it the 9mm Pistole 640(b) and issuing it to the Waffen-SS and Fallschirmjäger, the paratroops of the Third Reich. 

Of course the whole article, while interesting, is designed to be an ad for the Springfield SA-35 remake of the Hi Power but still interesting stuff. I have an SA-35 on backorder at one of my distributors, looking forward to eventually being able to check it out although stuff like that tends to end up in my safe in my collection instead of being sold. 

If an enterprising GI had smuggled home a dozen of these things from Germany and kept them in good condition, they would be worth a bundle now. I would imagine a nice condition Hi Power with the Nazi markings would sell for many thousands of dollars.

Anyway, just thought it was cool and wanted to pass it on. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Not Sure How To Feel About This

MacKenzie Scott Gives Record-Breaking $275 Million To Planned Parenthood, Will Be Used To Help Black Women Get Abortions

... Johnson specified that the funding will help to eliminate “racial and structural barriers” — specifically for black women, who would be the most “hurt” by legislation heightening restrictions on abortion.

In a Medium post explaining her donation to Planned Parenthood and dozens of other organizations, Scott emphasized “the cause of equity” as a motivation for her giving.

Just going leave this here and quietly slip out the back...

Thursday, March 24, 2022

A Wild Bison Appears!

The March installment from Bison Prepper has hit the interwebz:

Where does he come up with these snappy titles?

Check it out.

Even More Fun News!

The ATF sent an email to all FFLs this afternoon telling us that "forced reset triggers" might be (or might not be) suddenly a "machine gun".

The ATF encourages you to contact them about the "disposition" of these devices....

Yeah I am sure that is going to happen.

Lawsuits are incoming of course. I don't have one of these forced reset triggers nor have I ever sold one but lots of people do and I would expect they are not jamming the phone lines for the ATF to ask them to take "remedial action" on these triggers.

This won't be last time the ATF makes a new "law" by bureaucratic fiat in 2022. 

You'll Have Nothing To Eat And You'll Be Happy

Another step in the Great Reset on display, puppet Biden stammering his way through telling everyone that these sanctions on Russia are going to lead to food shortages across Europe and in the U.S.. 

Are you starting to suspect that this whole thing has very little to do with Russia and Ukraine? 

Don't worry, we can replace the food that was plentiful just 14 months ago with bug and maggot protein paste. Mmmm, tastes just like chicken!

Did I mention you might want to explore ways to be more food self-sustainable? 

Let's Check In On Black People

Africans are always a source of good natured shenanigans! 

Let's see how things are going in Dumas, Arkansas following the mass shooting where 27 people were injured.

I wonder what he looks like?

Oh. How shocking!

It isn't always chaos when blacks get together in large groups, like on Spring Break!

Probably just racism. I blame White supremacy. 

How is it that these corpulent black chicks always seem to have their tits hanging out in every fight?

What else do we have today?

Probably redneck White kids murdering some black grannie, right?


They took off with her tangled in the seatbelt and one of her arms was ripped off. She bled to death on the street as the ambulance took 10-15 minutes to arrive. 


On second thought, maybe we don't want to check in with black folk because it is always the same thing over and over.

This Cannot Be Sustained

Every now and then we see some milestone that gives us a vision of important portents on the horizon. Often we don't realize it until well afterward but here is one that we should all remember....

It wasn't many years ago, even since we bought our current home 11 years back, that a half million dollar house was considered pricey. Now it is just the average. I believe this is only for newly built homes but it is a sign of where housing prices are headed.

This means that for a new home buyer, assuming you can't write a check for a cool half mil, a mortgage looks like this using the Zillow calculator....

This assumes a 20% down payment of a hundred grand which is ridiculous. Even still, I have never in my life been in a place where I could reasonably swing a $2,608 monthly nut. You need at least an annual $31,000 in after tax income to just make that payment, not counting things like eating or utilities. Not to mention, who has $100,000 to slap on the counter as a down payment? A more realistic down payment, like $20,000, gives you this whopper of a monthly payment.

Over $3,300 every single month? GTFOH. Here is a personal example. In December of 2010 we purchased our home for $147,000. A nice price but it is way out in the country. 

Not quite doubled but around a 90% increase in "value" in just 11 years

You will own nothing and you'll be happy

A young White man in his early 20s has this to look forward to:

- Never owning a home

- Quite likely never getting married

- Working at some shit job for the rest of his natural days just to keep his head afloat

- A lifetime of being blamed for other people being terrible at life

- A steady diet of high fructose corn syrup laden foods, being fat and unhealthy

- The highlight of your day will be getting back to your pod after work, eating a microwave bug paste pizza, watching porn and playing video games. 

What a life you have to look forward to, leading what you know will be a lower quality of life than your parents and a much lower standard of living than your grandparents!

I am sure this won't lead to massive resentment and anger. Tens of millions of disenfranchised, hopeless young men won't be a problem at all. Maybe we can start a war to thin out the herd? Check out this incredibly poorly timed tweet from Selective Service.....

The replies to that tweet. Wow. Lots of borderline Fedpoasting that suggest attempting to conscript people in 2022 to go fight Russia would lead to a lot of bullets flying, making the NY draft riots during the Civil War look like a toddler's tea party. Here is my take: my boys will not go to war in the service of Globohomo and a country that hates them. No Russian ever called me a racist. Anyone trying to forcibly conscript my sons will discover that there are plenty of things I don't mind dying for. 

Anyway, with the average price of a new home crossing the half million dollar threshold, you can be sure that the feelings of hopelessness and a life with no real future are just getting stronger. Revolutions and civil wars start when the people no longer have anything to lose and dying in a rebellion is less frightening than living out your days in unbearable conditions. 

The storm is all around us and we are simply in a brief and temporary eye of the storm but that won't last much longer.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Based Mike Braun? Nah....

One of our Senators from Indiana got into some trouble for making a factually correct statement, which often seems to be the one thing that really gets you into trouble...

This is correct, although you wouldn't know it from the reeeeing from the usual suspects. Most people don't know any of the amendments in the Bill of Rights, except some vague notions from the 1st and 2nd, but the applicable amendment here is the Tenth Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Is the definition of marriage something expressly designated in the Constitution? No. Is it prohibited to the states in some way? No. Therefore the Supreme Court has no authority in this matter and has no right to declare that states may or may not outlaw interracial marriage.

It is the same as Obergefell v Hodges, the ruling that created a "right" for homosexuals to "marry" and of course the most infamous of all, Roe v Wade creating a "right" to murder unborn children. In all of these cases these are "rights" whipped up from thin air.

Senator Braun is 100% correct and pointing this out does not mean supporting bans on interracial marriage. That is a separate question. The question is: does the Supreme Court of the United States exist to create new laws because people have the sadz over a state law? Of course not.

Pointing out the obvious from a grade school understanding of the Constitution is now a "gotcha!" moment and Braun being mostly useless tried in vain to walk it back. He doesn't understand that you never, ever apologize to these people and especially not when you are right. 

Further proof that the Constitution, whatever utility it once held, is now truly just a useless piece of paper. 


Presented without comment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

You Know Who(okah)!

A few weeks back there was a mass shooting at a hookah lounge in Vegas with 14 people shot, one fatally. A couple days after the shooting the name of the victim was released, one Demetreus Beard, who as you can probably guess was a black fella. 

Well the po-leece done arrested a suspect and he looks just like you would expect....

...Lee Wilson, 44, faces one charge of murder and 12 counts of attempted murder for the shooting Saturday, Feb. 26, at Manny’s Glo Afterdark Lounge on East Sahara Avenue near Maryland Parkway.

Police said Wilson fired at least two dozen rounds at the unlicensed hookah lounge as people celebrated a birthday, court documents obtained the 8 News Now I-Team said.

Dude is 44 years old and out shooting up a hookah lounge. 

You will also be stunned to learn that this was not Lee Wilson's first encounter with Johnny Law. In fact we have a little collage of mug shots to go with the one above.

It just so happens that one prior incident was a lot like the hookah lounge mass shooting. Starting to see a pattern here.

In an incident in December 2018, a video shows Wilson and a group of other men leaving a bar near Flamingo Road and Arville Street when Wilson and two others start firing, prosecutors said.

I bet they really threw the book at him!

Several people were hurt in the shooting. Wilson was charged with two counts of attempted murder and other gun-related charges.

Wilson ended up taking a plea deal for one count of discharging a firearm into an occupied structure or vehicle and sentenced to a minimum of one year in prison.

Oh. Prior to that, in 2002, he done shot some dogs, perhaps in a bid to start a career in law enforcement.

In 2002, Wilson shot two dogs in North Las Vegas, injuring them. A judge sentenced him to more than a year in prison.

Glad to see he got more prison time for shooting two dogs than shooting at some people. In between the 2002 puppy shooting and the 2018 bar shooting, Lee Wilson was on a team of rocket scientists preparing for a manned mission to Uranus while also serving as the president of the local Rotary Club and leading a men's Bible study. Just kidding!

During Wilson’s initial court appearance for the charges stemming from the hookah lounge incident, a prosecutor pointed to Wilson’s extensive criminal history dating back to 1995.

It includes 82 arrests and nine felony convictions, records showed.

82 arrests and 9 felony convictions. 

9 felony convictions. 

If I am doing my math correctly (Jim help me out here), 1995 to 2022 is around 27 years. 82 arrests in 27 years works out to more than 3 arrests per year and an average of a felony conviction every three years.

The obvious question here:

What is Lee Wilson doing walking around free to shoot up hookah lounges? For that matter, why is he still breathing?

If he was arrested 82 times or 3 times per year for the last quarter of a century, that certainly suggests that the guy was committing way more crimes that he was never arrested for. It is safe to assume that he was committing some sort of crime on monthly basis, or more likely even more frequently. The guy is 44 years old and his record goes back to when he just turned 18, so we have no idea how many arrests he had prior to those 27 years but I am guessing at least a few. The guy has never spent a year as an adult not being a piece of shit but the system keeps letting him out even after 9 felony convictions. 

While Nevada technically has the death penalty, they haven't executed anyone since 2006 so basically it isn't in force. Lee Wilson will probably spend the next 30-40 years in a Nevada prison at enormous expense when he should have been taken out back and put down 6-7 felony convictions ago. Instead he is roaming the streets, shooting 14 people for whatever reason. One is dead, at least one is now paralyzed and that means an expensive ward of the state for the rest of their life. 

The article closes with this forehead slapping series of sentences...

“How are you even free, like, on the streets?” Vannesha Bradley-Martin, Beard’s friend, said Monday. Bradley-Martin and Beard have a child together.

Bradley-Martin was in court for Beard’s scheduled preliminary hearing, which was postponed to April. Wilson remained confined to a wheelchair. He previously said he was shot six times in the incident.

“Not only was Demetreus shot, his other son’s mom was shot too,” she said. “My stepsister hurt herself in this.”

His other son's mom was shot. I am sure that poor kid will grow up to be a wonderful citizen. 

14 people shot by a man with 82 arrests and 9 felony convictions. I bet you won't see this on the evening news. If 14 people had been shot by a White guy wearing a MAGA hat though.....

Storm Clouds On The 2A Horizon

On one hand it seems like things are looking up for gun rights, with a 2A friendly(ish) Supreme Court and my state of Indiana becoming the 24th in the Union to ratify Constitutional carry. But there are still ominous portents in the wind. 

Issue One: the Biden ATF looking to shutter small scale FFLs.

This one has personal significance of course. In the past when the ATF came in to look at your books, they would generally offer corrections if paperwork was messed up, and it often is messed up if you aren't cautious because the paperwork is Byzantine and archaic. Now they are just shutting you down. There are well over 100,000 licensed gun dealers in America plus tens of thousands of additional FFL holders in the form of pawn shops and collectors. The goal is to shrink that number, as fewer FFLs are easier to monitor and control than lots of FFLs. 

Issue Two: New anti-gun legislation slipped into larger bills

Who needs due process?

As we've reported before, the Biden administration's only way to pass gun control at all is by backdoor means. So, of course, they've hidden gun control in a massive spending bill designed to fund the Government. Hidden within this 3000-page bill were two significant pieces of gun control.

But that's only half of this shady gun control strategy. The second half is to wrap gun control into a bill that is difficult to vote against for fear of social stigma.

So, inside the omnibus bill is a previously failed act called VAWA, or the Violence Against Women's Act. This act contains significant backdoor gun control that stands to harm gun owners. But you wouldn't know that just by reading the title. The swamp creatures in the Senate took the opportunity to revive VAWA (which initially failed explicitly because of the gun control provisions), placing the gun control section 2207 pages into the overall bill itself.

RTWT. It basically does two things, first it "will require the criminal investigation of all denials on the National Instant Criminal-Background-Check System" which is an enormous task that the ATF simply doesn't have the manpower to do.

To "fix" this, it "deputizes" local law enforcement to respond to failed background checks even though well over 90% of those denials are bogus. 

The NICS background check system is awful, I have customers who get delayed every single time they do a transfer. What this bill is doing is creating a precedent for local law enforcement to enforce another Federal law and one that isn't necessary or even useful. 

Notice that it gets lumped into "violence against women". What does this have to do with violence against women? Not a damn thing but who wants to be on record voting in favor of violence against women? Since most of these idiots in Congress didn't read and/or are incapable of reading the bill, it just sailed on through and a bunch of Republicans in the Senate voted for it.

That doesn't even include the looming ban on "ghost guns" and the reclassification of braced pistols as short-barreled rifles.

They aren't going to give up this fight. There is probably nothing more central to their long term planning than disarming the American people so more and more gun control will get squeezed in by every trick and scam they can come up with. At the same time many states are strengthening gun rights, others are clamping down.

It is almost like we live in two distinct and incompatible nations and should maybe just make this division formal.....

On The Other Hand

While Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb did sign Constitutional carry yesterday, he also vetoed a bill designed to keep boys from dressing up like girls and competing in girl's sports.

His "reasoning" is pretty typical....

As reported by ABC News, Governor Eric Holcomb (R-Ind.) vetoed the bill, HEA 1041, after it passed through both houses of the state legislature, despite previously voicing his support for the same bill last month. In his veto, Holcomb claimed that the bill “falls short” of implementing a policy that would be consistent at the statewide level, and thus would not be able to provide “fairness in K-12 sports.”

Holcomb further justified his decision by pointing to the current policies of the Indiana High School Athletic Association, which already addresses the issue of certain individuals trying to compete for sports teams that don’t match their real gender, and that this policy has resulted in zero so-called “transgender women” succeed in getting approval for their requests to join women’s teams.

“The presumption of the policy laid out in HEA 1041,” Holcomb said in a statement, “is that there is an existing problem in K-12 sports in Indiana that requires further state government intervention. It implies that the goals of consistency and fairness in competitive female sports are not currently being met.”

“After thorough review, I find no evidence to support either claim even if I support the effort overall,” Holcomb concluded.

The real reason I suspect is far more callous, Holcomb was likely pressured by business lobbying groups to veto this because passing it might mean some conventions and sporting events won't be held in Indiana. Who cares if girl's can't compete in female sports because boys dressed like girls dominate those sports? Who cares if our teenaged daughters have to share locker rooms with trannie boys? All that matters is that tourism revenue!

I will be writing my state representative (Ben Smaltz) and senator (Dennis Kruse) this morning to urge them to bring up a revised bill to protect girl's sports in Indiana as soon as possible. This nonsense of waiting until it becomes a problem is silly, we should all know by now that you need to get ahead of this shit before it becomes a problem. 

Holcomb is yet another typical Republican who cares more about keeping the business lobby happy than he does about the concerns of his constituents. 

Monday, March 21, 2022


At least a little bit.

Gov. Eric Holcomb signed H.B. 1296 into law on Monday. Known as “constitutional carry” or “permitless carry,” it’s a change to Indiana law some Republican legislators have been working on for years.

The proposal would allow anyone age 18 or older to carry a handgun in public except for reasons such as having a felony conviction or a dangerous mental illness.

I am honestly quite surprised that the normally useless Holcomb would actually sign this bill.

However there are still plenty of ominous portents and dark clouds on the horizon. More tomorrow on that, for tonight I will celebrate that the government no longer is requiring a permit to exercise a right that never should have required a permit to begin with.

Knowing Our Enemy: The Handmaid's Tale

The next book I slogged through to get a better understanding of the thought process of our enemies is Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. This is supposed to be a "chilling dystopian" look at a future where White supremacist men take over America and turn women into servants, with some becoming breeding stock for powerful White men. It is the sort of silly book that unattractive feminists like, man-hating and checking all the leftist boxes, written by one of their own, an unattractive feminist.

Written in 1985 it came to prominence again with a TV series and then a bunch of loony broads dressed up like Handmaids protesting during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, terrified that they wouldn't be able to murder their children in the womb. I like me some dystopian novels so I thought I might give it a try and wow was it terrible. Below is my review that I left on Goodreads, hopefully it will serve to trigger some homely girls who profess to love the book while secretly wishing they had a man around to make them sex slaves. 


The Handmaid’s Tale (THT) can be summed up in one word: silly

I could excuse the book being silly if it was at least entertaining. There are plenty of authors who load their works up with leftist politics, ominous warning about “THE PATRIARCHY!” and various “progressive” causes du jour but still manage to write compelling stories. Atwood can’t even manage to do that. THT is grim, disjointed and tedious. By the end I was hoping they would catch Offred in the act and summarily execute her, something that would have been a mercy to both her character and the reader. The villains are cartoonish and clumsy, the heroes are shallow and uninteresting. The plot meanders around with far too many internal dialogues that do nothing to advance the story. It feels less like a novel with underlying political themes and more like someone made a checklist of talking points and then slapped a story around them.

When Atwood wrote THT in the mid 1980s her premise was risible but reading it now in 2022? It is laugh out loud absurd. All of the bogeymen she invokes are alive and well but on the other side of the political spectrum, namely on her side. Even pointing at Trump for vindication would indicate a lack of basic observational skills. Despite the villainous Orange Man Bad caricature portrayed by the media, Trump governed as at best a moderate Republican and nothing at all like an actual right-winger. Meanwhile America’s political and cultural direction has been charging headlong to the political Left. Keeping pace with this political movement is an environment of increasing authoritarianism championed by the Left with enthusiasm that puts the Religious Right of the 80s to shame.

At least THT provided another glimpse into the mindset of the sort of people who dress up like Handmaids to protest Supreme Court nominees, a glimpse that is both depressing and chilling.

Something I Neglected To Point Out

In my post on Friday, Justice For Cornrows!, I mostly just made fun of the hysteria over a non-existent problem: hair-based discrimination. Like climate change, White supremacy and the Covid "pandemic", this is yet another phantom menace. I assume that this bill won't pass the Senate but then again with cucks like Romney it very well might. Jokes aside, there is a more serious side to this legislation:

Proponents of the measure argued that formally banning hair discrimination is necessary because Black people are often penalized under workplace and school dress code policies that frown upon hairstyles such as afros, braids and cornrows. 

Linking workplace "discrimination" to "hair styles associated with a particular race or national origin" creates a brand new mess. Here is an example.

Jonquelio Rastadude applies for a job as a manager somewhere.

Despite his silly name, the hiring manager invites him in for an interview.

When Jonquelio shows up he is wearing ragged, wrinkly clothing. His pants are hanging down around his ass. He has on unlaced work boots and is wearing a Lakers jersey. His eyes are bloodshot and he smells like pot. His hair is in dirty, smelly dreadlocks.

The hiring manager takes one look at Jonquelio and realizes this guy is a loser and not someone they would consider hiring for a management position. 

After a perfunctory interview, the hiring manager thanks Jonquelio for his time and hustles him out of the office. He immediately sends a "thanks, we will keep your resume on file" rejection letter. 

A week later the hiring manager is called into a high level meeting. Corporate counsel is there. Jonquelio is suing the company under the CROWN Act because he was clearly discriminated against by the hiring manager because he wears his hair in a style associated with a particular race. The company is forced to settle the discrimination claim for a million bucks. The hiring manager is fired. Jonquelio spends his share of the settlement on rims, tats and pot. 

This law will make it nearly impossible to not hire a black who comes in for an interview or to fire a black once you hire them. The same will be true for Muslims, especially women who wear a head covering. If you don't hire them or fire them for incompetence, you will get sued under the CROWN act. Once you get them in, you can't ever get rid of them.

For the unusually smart and conscientious staffing personnel who actually care about their company, it will mean not calling in people with obviously black, Muslim or south Asian names for interviews. But most HR types don't understand how the company that employs them makes money and they don't care. They live in a weird little bubble where all that matters is complying with the stupid rules that their fellow HR types created for no reason other than guaranteeing the employment of HR staff. The people who will suffer are the managers who now have employees they can't discipline and the co-workers who have to pick up the slack.

Rather than telling black people to dress appropriately and act professionally at work like everyone else, this bill is intended to make it incumbent on the employer to work around blacks. Dress code, basic hygiene? Nope, you have to let them dress however they want and just suck it up. If a White person comes to work looking slovenly they of course can be disciplined but minorities? Nope. 

This is something in the same genre as getting rid of the SAT/ACT standardized tests. Basically it is tantamount to an admission that a level playing field won't deliver the results they want so instead you game the system. Everyone knows that a straight A student at some inner city hellhole is not the same academically or intellectually as a B+ student or even maybe a C- student at a solid suburban school. I pointed out the example in my post The Dumbing Down Of America of Marqell McClendon, the black valedictorian of her graduating class at Detroit's Cody High School who arrived at Michigan State University and promptly struggled with even low level math classes. As the report I cited states:

But nearly half of graduates from Detroit’s main school district must take remedial courses when they get to college, Chalkbeat reported.

Obviously getting great grades at Cody High School (98.5% black as of 2018) doesn't translate to being prepared for college coursework. On the other hand, the last city where we lived in Michigan before moving to Indiana, Okemos, is about 75 miles from Cody High. When we were there the graduating senior class sent all but two students to college. Okemos is also 75% White and 15% Asian. Being an average student at the high school in Okemos means being smarter than pretty much anyone at any public school in Detroit. 

The way to gauge preparedness when prospective students attend wildly different schools is via standardized tests. Everyone takes the same test so you can see basic competency levels in various subjects on a level playing field. Sadly that doesn't produce the kind of results they want in the area of racial diversity so the solution is to just get rid of the tests or to drastically reduce the weighting of the tests. The same thing is happening in professional schools, in their drive to get more black and brown doctors the admissions criteria for medical school is changing so high achieving White and Asian applicants are being passed over for lower achieving blacks. Your doctor in the future will likely be someone who got into medical school because of their race, not their qualifications. See Medical Madness for more.

Legislation like the CROWN Act is simply another mechanism designed to tilt the playing field toward non-Whites. The fact that it is patronizing to blacks and unfair to Whites doesn't matter to the people who make these laws. It will only get worse.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Mass Shooting Alert: Dum(b)as(s) Edition!

1 dead, at least 24 wounded in shooting at Dumas car show, authorities say

That is a big one by any standard. I am not sure if 25 people were shot or if some were injured in the chaos some other way. Dumas, Arkansas is a town of around 4,700 about 90 miles southeast of Little Rock. It is also very diverse...
Dumas, AK is in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas but has a solidly black majority. That is one of the big differences between the south and north. You just don't see these small rural cities in the north that are majority black. The nearest town to us is Hicksville, Ohio with a population of around 3500. Hicksville is around 95% White and less than half a percent black. There also is virtually no violent crime.

The car show was called the "Hood-Nic" show and the organizer's, the "Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization" featured promotional posters like this:

The pictures from the show and aftermath indicate it was a mostly black event.

This event has been going on for 16 years with apparently no major issues. Something has snapped in the black community, what self-control used to exist is gone and now every altercation devolves into gunfire. What is worse, there is no sign that anyone who could stand up and say enough is enough is doing so. Blaming Whitey for your own people shooting each other is a certain recipe for more shootings.

Assault With A Deadly Condiment!

From the "This Is How Any Normal Adult Would React" files:

Of course she shot him, she was in mortal danger!

No, seriously that is the argument made by the aunt of Shateasha Hicks...

Hicks’ aunt claimed her niece was defending herself.

“She was protecting herself. I don’t blame her. Everybody else might, but I don’t,” she told Local10.

She was protecting herself? According to the story, after he assaulted her with mayonnaise, a recognized war crime under the Geneva Conventions, he drove away from the drive-thru window and parked...

A relative of Hicks told NBC 6 that the customer she shot had squirted or thrown mayonnaise in her face.

The customer drove off and parked in the Burger King lot, according to a witness.

Hicks then allegedly went to her car, grabbed a gun and squeezed off five shots at the person’s vehicle as they drove away, according to an arrest report obtained by the outlet.

So she went out to her car after he pulled away, got her gun and shot at his car five times.

I guess that counts as just protecting yourself. Then she fled and left the gun in her car where the police found it. Criminal mastermind indeed.

Regardless, this seems like a reasonable response. Who wouldn't get into an altercation with a customer in the drive-thru and then shoot at them because of Assault With A Deadly Condiment? 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Reverse Apartheid

This is the entire function of the Federal government and most state and local governments: siphoning wealth from Whites to bribe non-Whites for their votes.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Justice For Cornrows!

Your Congress, hard at work on the issues that matter in the midst of an economic crisis....

I love the name, the CROWN Act, cuz dey be thinking dey dreadlocks be crownz and sheeit. See also: Kangz, We Wuz.

A choice quote:

“For too long, Black girls have been discriminated against and criminalized for the hair that grows on our heads and the way we move through and show up in this world,” said Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.). 

Criminalized you say? For your hair and the way you "move through...this world"? This is a choice example of how blaque gals move through this world.

Whenever they "show up" in the world, chaos and violence seem to follow them. 

A serious nation doesn't devote even a second of time to the "problem" of racist hair rules.

First The Barrel

As the first purchase for my Tacticool rifle project, I decided to go with the barrel. For my build I went with this one:

It is from Ballistic Advantage, their 16" bead blasted stainless steel fluted premium series barrel chambered in .223 Wylde. I like the bead blasted stainless to reduce reflection. The fluting is technically to reduce weight but I mostly got it because it looks cool. I have a muzzle device coming in a few days, I'll post an updated pic when I get it put on the barrel.