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We Wuz Hobbitz And Sheeit!

If you still were wondering if the Lord of the Rings series on Amazon was going to be a dumpster fire, you need wonder no longer.

Huh. What Middle Earth really needed was some diversity. The comments on the tweet were hilarious in their utter lack of self-awareness. No one is stopping blaque peepo from writing their own stories and creating their own fantasy worlds populated by black people. It isn’t that hard to do, thousands of White nerds did just that through Dungeons & Dragons as kids, including yours truly. I drew up complex maps, populated my world with civilizations and fantastic creatures and did it all with a pencil and some graph paper. So what is stopping Africans from writing their own stories set in worlds that resemble Africa or Detroit? I think we know but if they did it might look like this.

All so tiresome and amusing at the same time. Remember, they hate us and envy us because they ain’t us.
White people create a world, black people enter that world and then promptly ruin it. Middle-Earth looks more like real life every day..


  1. Anonymous

    You couldn't pay me to watch this shite or anything else coming out of Hollywoke today.

    Just waiting to see how much of a ratings disaster the Stuporbowl and covid olympics are.

  2. Anonymous

    If you remember the last lord of the rings movies and the hobbit movies had a dark skinned race… the orcs and orcahigh, which made perfect sense.


  3. Anonymous

    we are talking about people who did not know what a wheel was, or even a bow.
    the best they ever came up with was shit and mud huts. sort of knives and pointy sticks.
    left alone, they would in time destroy themselves without any outside help.
    even today, they rather use their ak's as clubs than shoot them. weapon of choice is still the panga
    or machette over there. they was kings and shit. right. thing is as soon as you step off the plane, the first and only thing you smell is shit. it is everywhere. never drink the water or anything in a bottle. can drinks only. they have yet figured out how to refill cans. it is why coke is a huge seller over there. it is safe to drink, compared to the water.

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