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Two Must Read Posts

First from John Wilder: 

Canada, Lies, and Videotape

It appears some Bolshevik shenanigans have been going on because I had to turn off my virus protection to load his page. I always archive his posts so if you can’t load it from the actual url you can go to the archived version here.
As I commented, the lesson from Canada is that the same people in the U.S. want to emulate the Canadian crack-down, going after *actual* peaceful protestors and trampling old ladies with horses. The main thing stopping them are the one billion plus guns we have. That is why they want to take them, not to keep the blacks from gunning each other down but to keep the uppity Whites from defying their edicts. I better stop before I Fedpoast.

The other from Aesop:
Things are in motion. I don’t know if this Ukraine thing is going to happen or not but it is a good exercise for checking your preps. Are you ready for a global interruption in communications, food and fuel? I am not as ready as I ought to be, time to look over my own preparedness.
Read both of these, and then maybe read them again and certainly share both of them far and wide.

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