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Trying To Sneak One By Us

The degradation of America’s political system continues to accelerate as Biden’s handlers announced the affirmative action choice for the Supreme Court, black wahman Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Try to imagine the Founders as they drafted the Constitution finding out that a seat on the Supreme Court would be filled by a woman named Ketanji Brown Jackson who has as her stellar “qualifications”:
1. She is African

2. She has a vagina (I assume)
She might be quite the legal scholar, although I have my doubts, but those two items were the make or break. Over 95% of the population was automatically excluded but that is OK because representation and systemic racism and such. 
What convenient timing to roll this out on a Friday when there is a war in Ukraine, perhaps hoping nobody notices the appointment.
This won’t change the political make-up of the court of course as she will replace leftist Stephen Breyer. It does change the ethnic make-up, now the court will have two blacks out of 9 justices and “only” one Jew with Breyer leaving, Kagan being the only Jew on the court going forward. That means blacks will now be dramatically over-represented at 22% of the court, vs 13% of the population, while Jews will be a little less over-represented at 11% of the SCOTUS while being only 2.5% of the overall population. Still no Asians and no one seems upest about that and also no gender fluid Muslim trannie refugees in wheelchairs but that is probably in the works.
We already have one diversity appointment on the court with Sonia Sotomayor, the “wise Latina” that is dumber than a bag of hammers who was chosen because she is mestizo and for no other reason. Ketanji Brown Jackson might be a perfectly qualified candidate but she will always carry the taint of having been chosen because Biden promised to only choose a black woman. You would think that would be humiliating but I doubt it will be to her.
I would hope that enough Republican Senators oppose her nomination for no other reason that her being chosen because of her race and gender but I won’t hold my breath. My two Senators are useless but will be getting emails anyway expressing my opposition to her nomination. Regardless, this nomination is another reminder of how degraded America has become but it is only the next step in the collapse of a once great nation.


  1. ChuckInBama

    And I'm wondering why the nominee to replace Breyer whose term ends in SEPTEMBER is so urgent right now. You're correct; the Ukraine correction is good cover for announcing a diversity hire. She could probably better serve down at the DMV, where her shitty attitude would fit right in with the rest of the she-boons.
    Sorry. Lashing out at the world right now….

  2. Arthur Sido

    The thing is she might be an OK jurist but she will forever be tainted. On the other hand, I am going to guess she is just another "civil rights" advocate using the courts to push an agenda.

  3. Troy Lee Messer

    …She might be quite the legal scholar, although I have my doubts…

    I dont doubt. The ugly negro might be in the Dunning-Krueger range. Which just means she is too stupid and arrogant to know how stupid she is. I bet she is given the best clerks to do her work for her.

    Where is our token asian on SCOTUS? Our token faggot? Oh yeah, Roberts.

  4. Anonymous

    Make no mistake, Biden will assure us that poor jurists are just as smart as White jurists. But I do wonder if he worries that his court selection is "going to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle," among all those savage palefaces.

    Clarence Thomas is likely pissed off that this slavish, pandering choice will spread some of that affirmative action taint to him, after working his arse raw for three decades proving his bona fides. And don't be surprised if "wise puta" Sotomayor tries to shiv the new girl for stealing her vaginal thunder, while publicly pretending to be BFFs.

    So when the hell did the Supreme Court become Night Court?


  5. jl

    "So when the hell did the Supreme Court become Night Court?"

    Classic! I half expect to see the whole crew of SCOTUS getting out of a single, tiny car when they arrive at work… Too bad none of this is funny. Diversity hires are bad news for the country. Just look at our "VP" if you need proof.

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