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Those Wacky Neocons!

“Tell me you don’t understand nationalism without telling me you don’t understand nationalism”

Tip o’ the hat to John Wilder. Read the post, lots of good memeage. 
You might think Jonah is stupid and doesn’t really understand nationalism. That would be wrong. Jonah is pretty stupid and evil to boot but he understands the nationalist position. Jonah also is a big believer in nationalism but just for two nations a) Israel and no cost is too high to protect Our Greatest Ally™ and b) anyone who is fighting the Russians. There is a long history of bad blood between neocons and Russia that has little to do with Communism and a lot to do with Khazars and pogroms a long time ago. The neocons have a long memory for insults.
It is also important to continually point out that “Neo-Conservatives” are by and large not “conservative” in any meaningful sense (assume quotes around every use of conservative going forward). However they control the Republican party and almost every outlet that is considered conservative so there isn’t an alternative voice. If you paid attention in 2016 you saw the rapid rise of the “alt-right”, an alternative right-wing movement that opposed a lot of the neocon agenda, and then you watched it implode in a matter of months. That was not because of antifa, it was mostly sabotage from within the movement by the megalomaniacs and weirdos and the ostracism from the neocon gatekeepers. The public Left in America has never been a formidable adversary but the traitorous fifth column in conservatism? That has been deadly effective for more than half a century. 
Jonah Goldberg doesn’t support American nationalism, or nationalism for most White nations, because he doesn’t like America and he really dislikes Americans and wants to see us replaced. This is true for most of the neocons, people like David Frum….
Was it something I said?
…and li’l Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg and others. It is a pretty neat trick that the political party that relies on the votes of conservative working and middle class White people is run by leftist elites who hate White people. 
Make no mistake, Jonah Goldberg doesn’t care about Ukrainian nationalism or sovereignty and he certainly doesn’t care about the people of Ukraine, other than a couple of fellow tribemates in political leadership. He just hates the Russians more and like all neocons is always eager to see young White people killing each other, even more so if their deaths serve the purposes of Israel.
The enemy standing behind you is always more dangerous than the one in front of you and the neocons have been standing behind the American people, stabbing us in the back while pointing their fingers at the Left for my entire lifetime. Never forget this, it will be on the test later. 


  1. Mike_C

    Q [with manufactured outrage]: Are you accusing me of dual loyalty?
    A: No. I'm denying that you have ANY loyalty to these United States.

    To further your point, Jonah doesn't give a damn about the Ukraine itself. It's merely another pretext for their eternal con of "Let's you and him fight."

  2. deb harvey

    facebook not allowing post
    khazars are not really of the group they claim. they are of their own unrelated tribe
    husband explained to me that long ago that a slavic king told his people to be either Christians or jews as he wanted to lessen pagan beliefs and practices.
    khazars chose jewish while everybody else chose Christian

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