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This Is Not Good

Remington, or at least what is left of Remington, just agreed to a $73 million settlement with the Sandy Hook families. This is just the beginning….

As stated in the video and on my blog in many places, this is the way forward. “Lawfare” will be used to wear these gun companies down and get them to give up making firearms for the civilian marketplace. The precedent created here is very dangerous.
This issue never goes away. Be vigilant and be smart with the time you have now because your ability to buy what you want, when you want, for a reasonable price, is coming to an end.


  1. Anonymous

    do not forget ammo as that is always the weak link. might get spare magazines and other parts you think you might want/need in the future. I remember seeing sten gun part kits for 60 bucks at a gun show many years ago. wished I grabbed a few of them at the time. or when mausers and mosins where under 100 bucks ? the thing is, when you see a good deal on anything anymore, grab it ! because it will never be seen again for the most part.

  2. Anonymous

    Followed by educators, journalists, politicians, and law enforcement.
    Every one should be in quotes of course, because they are all fake and gay.


  3. Anonymous

    remember getting 7.62 nato ammo for under 20 cents per round ? or 5.56 for just over 20 cents ?
    I do. and I wished I bought that stuff by the damn skid. which would have dropped the price per round even more ! bought 2-3 k of the 7.62 nato ammo in a crate for 120 or so, I think ?
    back in the 1990's -deep storage ammo. like the radway green 5.56 I put away for a rainy day.

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