Sunday, February 6, 2022

The Snakes Are Squeezing A Little More

It never stops, little by little. Leaks from within the ATF itself have made their way onto Youtube and detail that not only is the ATF building a highly illegal gun registry using out of business gun store records in a searchable database with almost a billion firearm transactions, they are now trying to force more dealer out of business with their new "zero tolerance" policy which then gives them the pretext to seize the 4473s from these FFLs. See below from GOA....

Then in another video, it seems the ATF is also harassing people who hold gun building seminars, which are completely legal seminars that cover a completely legal activity.

They just keep ratcheting up the pressure. Make no mistake, the end goal is to disarm the American people and also to curtail our ability to manufacture or assemble firearms at home. That is reason enough to learn as much as you can about home manufacturing of arms and also this would be a good time to stock up on pieces like upper receivers which might very well become regulated and serialized in June, just a few months from now.

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  1. The ATF is a perfect example of an agency that exists only to destroy. If the FAA acted the same way, they'd be putting antiaircraft guns up.