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The Fog Of War

One curse of the internet age is that rather than having too little data to work with, the situation for much of my youth where you had to dig through dusty volumes in libraries to find what you wanted, instead we find ourselves drowning in data. Worse, much of it is bullshit.

So what is going on in Ukraine? The reports are incredibly muddled right now. We have some preliminary casualty numbers but those seem awfully low. Where are the Russian troops? Are the Ukrainian forces even fighting back? How long will this go on?
Right now those questions are impossible to answer sitting in front of a computer in Indiana, or anywhere else in the U.S. with some high clearance types excepted. That isn’t stopping lots of speculation and general idiocy. 
We have Ukrainian Jew Alexander Vindman demanding that Americans go die to protect Ukraine. Mitt Romney is somehow blaming this all on….Trump and “America First” even though this happened after Trump left office and Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 when Obama was in office. 

Also worth pondering. Since the U.S. is pretty much doing nothing other than finger-pointing at Orange Man Bad, it is confirmation of what most people already knew: the U.S. is rudderless at this point. No one is in charge. While Trump was speaking about the invasion in his usual Trump-way last night, Biden was…apparently in bed. We might hear from him for real this afternoon while some staffer sends vague, meaningless tweets out on his behalf in the interim. What could a leaderless U.S. lead to?

That could be a major flashpoint. The ChiComs (rightly) sense weakness, so if they are going to take their shot at Taiwan, now is the time. Not only is Biden compromised on Ukraine thanks to his crackhead kid getting millions for selling access to the Obama White House, he is also owned by the ChiComs. You probably didn’t see this story…..

I am sure that when Da’quandidlio punched some random Asian on the street, it was because he was upset about Chinese spying and not just an innate tendency to random violence. 

“Our goal with this strategy is to take a comprehensive approach that draws on the full extent of our tools and authorities to address the alarming rise in illegal activity from hostile nations,” Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the DOJ’s National Security Division said. “This includes growing threats within the United States and to Americans and U.S. businesses abroad.”
Instead of countering the widely documented spying by China, the Biden DOJ is pivoting right back to the real threat: White Americans. But a full-scale assault on Taiwan might force the Biden admin to do something and that is a much greater threat than a regional squabble in Eastern Europe. 
Gas prices are sure to rise, Bitcoin and other cyrpto is getting hammered, precious metals are having a good day. All predictable. This guy gets it.
As always, be skeptical, check your sources, don’t believe everything you see on social media. Lots of reports of Ukraine using old footage to claim mighty victories against the Russians. Most of what you see is bullshit, treat it as such. Also as always, this is a good time to check the pantry and the gas tank and see what you might need to bolster. This could blow over quickly or it could get awfully ugly, we are only 12 hours into this and Biden hasn’t even had his first Ensure/Metamucil cocktail of the day.


  1. Troy Lee Messer

    My grandaughter is 16 weeks. I made her laugh for the first time. I think I got Type 2 diabetes from how sweet she is. I finally got a computer so I can now be even more verbose.
    So the Biden regime is the Mother of Power Vacuums. Because of the glacial nature of human events and the relations between nations and state, it was going to take some time before the power vacuum would manifest itelf with real world consequences.
    My guess is that smart people see that USA is the dying man of the West. And like the death of the Ottoman Empire, those left are already making plans on how they are going to divide the post USA world stage/pie. So smaller nations are revaluating who they stand with.

    Imho, there is nothing the West can do. It had niether the political will, the logistical capability, nor the military capability to impose any kind of will on Russia. With 3 Zumwalts? The shitty LCS'? F-35….if theese perfumed princess of the sky are flying? F-22s? which I understand are at 50% operationability. The Gerald Ford Aircraft carrier that cant launch planes. An all the alpha male trigger pullers have been discharged.

    Just who the fuck does DC think is going to fight Russia, China, and me (as a member of the dissident right)?

  2. Troy Lee Messer

    Some more speculation:

    So the Modus Operendi of the USA ha been to logistically preposition military supplies before it does big actions. I remeber the 1990 build up and how it took months. Likewise for the 2003 campaign. I think it was here that I read a story that Lithuania or Poland was selling Stinger missles to Ukraine.
    So, the USA has been prepositioning materials in Ukraine for who know how long. But Russia isnt Saddam Hussein. Putin doesn't have to just sit on his side of the fence and wait for Uncle Sam to build up its forces to beat Putin up with.
    So my out of my ass conclusion is that the Ammo Depots that are (epistemelogical caveat invoked)reportedly beign hit is all that prepositioned stuff Uncle Sam though he was just to show up and use. And that Putin has set back the Globohomo time table.
    We have no leadership. And as a bully used to getting its way all the time, it has no idea bow to respond to someone willing to stand up to it.

  3. Anonymous

    My local sitrep, FWIW.

    We live 3 miles from a military base in a heavily dot-mil town, where there are normally regular overflights of trainer jets, Monday through Friday. They come in waves, never at the same time each day. But it is as predictable as the sun rising that they will streak overhead sometime around the 8am, noon and 4 pm timeframes.

    But this week? Not a single T38 has passed over since Monday. It is ominously quiet here all of a sudden. Like we've never seen it before. It appears that at least training has been abruptly suspended, and I doubt it has anything to do with the cold weather.

    If I were a ruthless dictator with designs on the U.S. and its sphere of influence, I'd be licking my chops right now with that incontinent fool in the White House and a succession of clueless stooges in line behind him. This is your golden opportunity Putin, Xi, Kim. Hell, some 14 year old dork who knows Javascript could likely hold this country for ransom right now.

  4. T Town

    The real problem now is trying to find unbiased, factual information on what is going on. I saw a newsclip from I think CNN, where they showed a "Russian" tank moving on the road behind their reporter. My first thought was "duh", of course it was a Russian tank, but it doesn't mean it was manned by Russians. Where do those idiots think Ukraine's weapons came from considering it is a former USSR territory.

  5. Arthur Sido

    This is exposing what the rest of the world suspected, we are in a post-Pax Americana world for the first time since the end of WW II. This is uncharted territory and all bets are off.

  6. James M Dakin

    If we just deploy unarmed American ships to the Black Sea, they can sail around until they inevitably hit every Russian vessel there. Full Ramming Speed! Okay, sure, it's a land war. But at least we'd look like we were doing something.

  7. ChuckInBama

    And let's not forget those pesky submarines lurking in the Atlantic. They're not there JUST to nuke DC. They may also be able to stop some of the ships taking materials to Europe. The sun is setting on the American Era…

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