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The Error Of Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t like in this case:

Former President George W. Bush is opening his checkbook for two Republicans known for their staunch opposition to former President Donald Trump.

Bush is listed in campaign finance data as a donor for Liz Cheney, a Wyoming congresswoman who voted in favor of the second impeachment effort targeting Trump and who frequently deplores his influence on the Republican Party. Cheney is the daughter of Dick Cheney, Bush’s vice president.

Bush also recently contributed to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who supported the second impeachment effort as well.
Pisses me off that I defended that piece of shit when he lied us into a war and the Left was calling him “literally Hitler”. Back in my younger years I automatically supported an obvious mental midget like Bush because he had Republican after his name. Now that the scales have fallen from my eyes I can see that he is just a globalist and as bad as most Democrats, something true for a lot of Republicans. Bush and his cabal of globalist cronies despise the American people including the millions of regular Americans who voted for him and his equally shitty daddy. When Republican voters picked Trump over his dumbass brother Jeb!, George stopped even pretending to be on our side.
Just because the Left hates someone, it doesn’t mean they are worthy of your respect and support. Lesson learned. 


  1. James M Dakin

    Blaming Shrub for anything is like blaming Biden. Low hanging fruit and not fair to the morons wearing the meatsuit to hid the lever pullers. We can hate them for being stupid and evil, but they didn't decide anything. And I can't help but like Cheney. He protected the PetroDollar, might have been a dingus but was never a pussy, and shot a lawyer which in my book makes him a friggin hero.

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