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The Endgame Approacheth

Good post this morning from John Wilder: War, You’re Soaking In It. Go read it, chop chop. 

We are poised on the brink of a war unlike anything anyone alive has experienced, most notably because unlike prior wars going back to everything after December 7, 1941, we don’t get to be spectators in this one. The neocons and the warmonger Left pulling Joe Biden’s strings are bound and determined to get us into a war with Russia but even setting aside the general slaughter of tangling with Russia on their turf in the winter, the Russians also have the means to hit us in the homeland. Not just with nukes, although that is an obvious factor, but in a lot of other ways. If it goes hot in Ukraine and we get involved, there will be a much larger body count in the mainland U.S. as a result of cyber attacks and the resulting chaos than will be tallied in Eastern Europe from bullets and bombs. 
For more than a century, a small group of people who decided they need to be in charge of the world have been working tirelessly to undermine Western civilization, aka White societies, with the goal of replacing those societies with a new system where they are on top. Sure that means that they need to destroy what already exists but all that matters to them is that they are the ones who rule afterward.

Normal people don’t understand this mindset. Normal people just want to be left alone. Normal people look at the ultra-rich and can’t figure out why they need to be more ultra-rich. They ask things like “how much money is enough?”, living as most of us do more or less paycheck to paycheck. Why are their attitudes so different from the rest of us?
This is a significant problem for many people who are most of the way to /ourside/ because they don’t understand the chameleon-like nature of those pushing for the dismantling of the best society known to man for thousands of years. They look like us so why would they want to destroy the system that has allowed them to live freely and become incredibly wealthy? This is not restricted to a single Tribe, there are plenty of White people who are hellbent on wrecking the whole thing despite living lives of unimaginable ease and comfort thanks to the existing society. For more on this see: The Great Reset: Why Bother?
Whatever the reasoning, the culmination of their efforts is approaching. Our society is strong and has deep roots but the endless chopping away is finally paying off for them. With every institution sold out in this effort, wittingly or not, and the American people being replaced wholesale, not much is left to keep the lights on. You can see that the dividing line between civilization and order is growing paper-thin and not much is holding back the barbarism. It seems appropriate to share this again.

What comes after the collapse is still to be determined. As I wrote in Holding Back The Tide….
Will civilization survive? Not in a form we would recognize, not for a long time. I have faith that civilization will be reborn from the ashes, rising like the phoenix to once more push back against the tides of barbarism. This faith is born of our history as conquerors and explorers, builders and thinkers. We are still those people in spite of their efforts to stamp it out of us.

In time we will rise again and when we do, we must begin the endless fight to preserve civilization and hold back the barbarism and savagery that is man’s natural state.
Our task today is no longer about stopping the fall. Nor even is it to cushion the landing. Our sole task is to survive the collapse and to remember, so that we can rebuild again. They have won and are about to reap the degenerate harvest they planted. Hopefully their hubris will prove their undoing and the collapse will get out of their control. My fondest desire is that the architects of our destruction are among the first victims.
(As an aside, after I started this post The Zman published this article that has some connections to mine: The End Of Empire)


  1. Anonymous

    Turdeau's cabinet is voting today on activating the 'emergency measures act' to suspend civil liberties in an effort to fight the 'inserectionist truckers', 'russian propaganda' and 'vaccine fake news'…
    We are about to officially be in a dictatorship.


  2. CPL Antero Rokka

    Being of Polish blood and American heart, I see what's ahead, just as my ancient homeland suffered first the NAZI invasion and then the Communist horde.

    Keep your faith! Since we "little people" have the numbers and the will–we will survive.

    See you on the other side–on the bright, shining uplands!

  3. Anonymous

    I am less concerned about US military involvement in Europe after The Gin Hag gave away the game on one of the talk shows Sunday morning. She admitted basically "if Putin doesn't invade it proves Biden's policies work." It's a manufactured crisis as a distraction from the rest of the crumbling administration.

  4. Skipperdaddy

    Putin will prolly stand pat. When your enemy is fucking up royally the best thing to do is nothing. The US will implode by its own demise shortly imho. Of course thats been the plan for awhile now. I wish everyone the best of luck, but your gonna need more than that.

  5. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    I never thought he would invade. Watched his press conference with the german guy from yesterday as well as reading other information.

    I started thinking yesterday along the lines that your meme describes. TPTB know we are weak and they know if the plug is pulled we will be on equal footing with the world. Disregard all the media distractions, when the market crashes due to Fed Reserve rate raising the global economy is sunk and you get the meme above.

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