Wednesday, February 23, 2022

That Escalated Quickly

It is hard to know what is true and what is not but it sounds like Russia just curb stomped Ukraine with both feet.

We haven't seen a military action like this, assuming this is true, for a very long time. Maybe since the Korean War?

Reports are coming in of Russians in Odessa...

That is in on the southern coast of Ukraine:

So this is not a limited attack but a knock-out blow.

Predictably this is causing chaos around the world financial markets....

Say hello to $4/gallon gas or higher by the weekend, or $7/gallon gas in California. 

At least we are spared any mean tweets....


  1. If Cuba and Mexico are off limits to the Russians than the Ukraine should be off limits to us

  2. When we stop supporting the Saudi war in Yemen I'll start worrying about Ukraine.

  3. E. M. Agree. Russia is completley entitled to a buffer zone.

    And as God-fearing white trash, I see Russians as globohomo hating Brothers.

    It is funny what the internet has done to epistemology. Knowledge is free, but garbage in garbage out.

    Of course Ukraine crumbled and troops are going awol. The speed of which is hysterical. so between the hasty retreat of afghanistan and now this, the west is 0-2.

    I expect now would be a great time for China to assert more defacto and dejure dominnace over tawain.

    I think when DC crumbles circa 2033 or sooner, it will crumble quickly.

    1. It won't be that late I am afraid, what is holding it together right now?

  4. It sounds to me like Russia is doing what the US did to Iraq with the "shock and awe" start. From what I can glean from available info, Russia is striking military targets like command centers and the air force in order to knock out Ukraine's abilities to wage any kind of effective war.