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Still Snowing

Obligatory picture of ruler in the snow….

That is sheltered a bit by our house and garage so I assume the real total is north of 10″. The temps keep dropping and the winds are picking up so a) the snow is drier and lighter and b) now it is starting to drift and that will continue all night. 
Local schools are closed again tomorrow, that is the first time I can remember them being closed three days in a row. 
Anyhoo, that is the latest from here. Been a very chill day at Casa Sido. 


  1. Anonymous

    so far we have a had a lot of rain, going to change though as the temp starts to drop later tonight.
    they talking single digits for tomorrow and thru the weekend (great)
    pendot around here does a great job on the roads, local clowns have yet to realize that the plow must touch the road to clear it. they like to keep it like 1-2 inches above it so not to wear out the rubber blade or something ??? but most of the time they seem to just drive around and do nothing.
    instead of road salt, they use small rocks for grit. that in turn blocks up the drainage ditches along the road. and that leads to floods running over the road every spring. as I live on the down hill side of the road , it means every year my front yard gets flooded and the drive way full of crap. as they say, common sense is not very common. it seems more like a curse to me as these clowns see nothing wrong with the way they do things (?) local store was pack with the normal crowd of clowns getting bread and milk and other shit they can't live without for 3 DAYS.
    I really understand why people go off into the wilderness to get away from the stupid.
    if anything really bad happens to this country, over half will die off just doing stupid shit.
    sometimes I think that would be a good thing.

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