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Speaking Of Which

Something like this is considered “news”…

FAITH UNDER FIRE!!!!! World Net Daily never stops being cringe.
The video looks like two guys being dumb and I doubt they even considered that the two men walking were Jews but I bet they wish they had noticed now. It was dumb and even dangerous but it only is making news because the guys hit with the snow were Jews. 

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  1. Anonymous

    More joos in da news! A daily double here on Dissident Thoughts!

    My experience with town snowplow operators was that they were generally AAs (Assholes-with-Attitude). Mostly fat, White, middle-aged union buffoons who, like mall cops, let their tiny bit of power go straight to their empty heads. They started racing up and down the streets when there was no more than flurries on the ground in order to maximize that overnight triple-time, and got twisted pleasure out of refilling cleared driveways with huge waves of heavy, slushy ice while speeding past. The town employees were so bad in my area when I lived up north that our immediate neighborhood hired private contractors to clear our public streets.

    I don't doubt that the dirtbags in this case acted with deliberate malice, but they couldn't have picked a worse group of victims in the butthurt sweepstakes.

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