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We have probably 6-7 inches of snow on the ground right now. Maybe more, I didn’t stick a ruler in the snow because I don’t want to go outside. Here is the view from by backdoor…

The snow is still coming down and now the wind is starting to blow, gusting maybe 15 mph. The forecast is saying non-stop snow for the next 24 hours, it is around 7:45 PM right now, and the winds are likely to pick up overnight which means drifting. Plus a lot colder. Most schools are closed for tomorrow, many businesses are closed, most county and city offices also closed. Neighboring Allen County where I do most of my driving is under a state of emergency.

So you can say things are getting pretty serious. 
Power is on, we are warm and sadly for you the internet is working. Hopefully we can just hunker down tomorrow so I can projectile vomit blog posts all day.


  1. Anonymous

    I'm in upper NE Texas.
    Off shift, but working at a power plant.
    Expecting an ice storm tomorrow.
    Not near as bad as snowmaggeddon last year.
    They're afraid, very afraid.


  2. Anonymous

    you be better off getting a push start snow blower, the pull type is a stone bitch as you get older.
    or it has for me. and you right snow is a lot better than a ice storm. snow can be removed, ice not so much. we had like 8-10 inches here (western pa) a while back and it still around. may get ssome more this weekend. the state keeps the roads in good shape, locals not so much.

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