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Snow Day Videos

A few selections to peruse while the snow falls.

First from Tucker, a pretty based video that compares Baltimore to Haiti with the obvious inference that the reason both places are shitholes is that they are full of black people. This segment enraged all of the right people, none of whom actually disputed what Carlson said, just that his motivation for saying it was “racism”. 

36 murders in 31 days is pretty impressive. Chicago was actually down a bit for the month of January with *only* 50 homicides for the month, down 12% from 2021’s torrid pace.

At a pace of 50 homicides per month that still works out to 600 for the year but January has been pretty cold and we know that when the weather gets nicer, the lead will start flying.
Then Mrgunsngear does a nice, calm overview of the discovery that the ATF has a database of nearly 1 billion gun sales in a searchable format, something that is what we like to call “illegal”.

Still, as Mike points out, a billion gun sales is pretty impressive. That doesn’t count the sales from places that didn’t go out of business, only the places that closed and sent in their records. The places we bought from more than 20 years ago are still in business and either retain those records or more likely destroyed them after 20 years.
For something a little lighter, Angry Cops did a pretty funny video, probably even funnier if you are ex/current military…
“What is the age of consent in New Mexico?”

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  1. Unknown

    Plato, Aristotle,and the Founders of America warned about Democracy. That is why everytime I hear someone blather about "Democracy", I feel my Eyes are going to roll back in my Head, and I will start foaming at the mouth

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