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I don’t need another handgun

I don’t need another handgun

I don’t need another handgun
But sweet baby Jesus, when the handgun in question is this? Maybe I do.
The CZ 75D PCR (Police Czech Republic) Compact. Aluminum frame and a hammer with a decocker that makes the first trigger pull smooth and relatively light. The thing fits in my hand like it was made for me. It just came in to the shop after being on backorder forever and I am already looking at holsters so this one might not even make it onto the listings. It is a tad large for really deep concealed carry but for how I carry almost all of the time, it would be just dandy.
I don’t need another handgun….


  1. Anonymous

    too true, like you, iI do not need another handgun either. still if I see sa-35 fr sale around here, I will buy it. the cz 75 is a really nice gun. but I already have a sig 226 that I carried since 1989 or so, plus like 15 extra mags for it as well.
    got to try out a cz-75 a couple of years ago. they are sweet shooting guns.
    I like their shotguns as well. thinking of getting one of their rifles if they ever come back in stock.

  2. Arthur Sido

    You should have at least one 9mm even if it isn't your preferred caliber just because it is so much more common than any other round. The Palmetto State Dagger or the Beretta APX are great choices for a budget 9 under $400.

  3. Anonymous

    I have a CZ-75 that I bought years ago. Was my go to concealed carry pistol until I moved south and couldn't get away with having that on my manlet frame. Still shoots great.

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