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Now We Wait

Every school in the area cancelled classes tomorrow before dinner-time. The local grocery stores are stripped bare. The exact amount is still to be determined but some estimates suggest the final number could be 20″ of snow but 10-15″ is more likely. 

Now we sit back and wait.


  1. Feral Ferret

    Only expecting 6"-10" here with wind gusts to 25 mph. Did my shopping last Friday instead of waiting until the last minute. Generator and snowblower are ready to go. Don't have to go to work anymore (retired). I'll just stay warm and smurf the internet and/or read ebooks.

  2. Old Macdonald

    Seventy five miles north of you the Amish are putting a roof on a barn, across the road from me in the snow. My wife looked out the window watching them and remarked “ tough M F aren’t they”.

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