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Not Even Satire

In clown world it is impossible to distinguish between satire and reality. From the good folk at The Babylon Bee

Public schools have and continue to function mostly as places to indoctrinate children, teach them blind obedience, stamp out any independent and critical thought and to house children in “free” daycare so mom can go be a wage slave at some meaningless cubicle job. 


  1. Troy Lee Messer

    i am trying to convince my daughter to let me home school her 2 year old and 14 week old….who with her pretty blue eyes and ginger hair is already trying to blab and is shit-testing: No old man, I want you to hold me AND walk around. By the way, weeks old babys pretty heads is a serious disease vector. You cant help but smooch on them. We need to get this vector under control.
    She is so beautiful I already feel sorry for the poor bastards who get thier hearts broken by her.

    Luckily, I think I live in the easiest State to home school.

  2. Greg

    Have a nephew who took a job at a public high school, rural small town but still in the urban corridor. Almost drove him nuts, and he barely lasted the year before he bailed back to the small starvation wage parochial school. The thing is, he discovered that the satire above is not only real, but blurs the lines. Most of the "students" looked on the school as "doing time" just waiting for parole (graduation) with ZERO interest in learning anything. And ZERO engagement from parents who flat out told him to mind his own bizness(sic). He did find a few kids who could be engaged, but they too knew they were fish out of water and had to keep a low profile to survive. His biggest victory was getting Planned Parenthood evicted from campus, but they were back in full force as soon as he left.

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