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Meanwhile In Canuckistan

Speaking of police states…..the Littlest Tyrant is declaring de facto martial law.

It isn’t all that popular with his fellow political figures apparently….

If you aren’t up on your Canadian geography, that is a lot of the country….
This reinforces my argument that we need to break up the U.S. and Canada and reform them into two new countries. They can have the Northeast of the U.S. and Eastern Ontario, we get the Midwest and Mountain West and the heartland of Canada from Western Ontario, across the plains and linking up with Alaska. I don’t give a shit what happens to California, let Mexico have it back.
It might be the only way to avoid massive bloodshed. 


  1. Steve S

    It's a nice thought but unworkable. They wouldn't be satisfied with only a portion. And there are too many blue cities in otherwise red areas. Bottom line, you can't compromise with evil.

  2. McNasty

    Sounds good. Where do I sign up?

    Really though, this just reinforces that there is no peaceful negotiations with the state. There is only one way forward and we all know what that is.

    The funny thing about those jack asses on twitter etc claiming this is a terrorist uprising, they ain't seen nothing yet. When they meet the real terrorist they will wet their pants.

    How did it go, saint augusta of the whirring blades or saint teppes of the living forest?

  3. jl

    Where have you been Arthur? Mexico got California back with Reagan's 1986 immigration act. They have been a little slow to move back in, but it takes time to completely screw up a place this big and beautiful. Give 'em another decade and Tijuana will stretch all the way up to the Oregon border!

  4. Anonymous

    Deputy PM Freeland just said under the EMA (emergency measures act) they will be using the Terrorism financing rules to seize/freeze bank accounts of anyone who funded or is linked with the protests with out a court order. Additionally anyone who attended a demonstration can have their vehicle insurance suspended as well.

    The health minister says they can use it to force vaxx people.

    So yes we have martial law now. Full on totalitarianism…


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