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Lovely Linkage

Some fun links to ponder. 

David Codrea makes the point that dare not speak it’s name. Despite the efforts of some gun rights groups to highlight how many blacks, mestizos and women bought guns in the last two years, it doesn’t necessarily translate to votes for the 2A in November.
Those groups are motivated by a lot of issues that are more important to them than gun rights so they continue to vote for anti-2A politicians who promise to keep the gibs flowing. Only White men vote in sufficient numbers with gun rights as a significant factor to keep the 2A alive and as our numbers dwindle? So too will your gun rights. See also from me: The Single Issue Focus Of The Gun Rights Lobby: Both Their Greatest Strength And A Fatal Flaw
Remember when cops beat a woman with a baton, a woman who was already unconscious and later died? Of course you don’t because the media didn’t talk about it.
You will be shocked to learn that the cop is a black woman, Officer Lila Morris, while the woman beaten while unconscious was a White woman, Rosanne Boyland. Boyland is yet another martyr in the undeclared war on Whites, another victim of black on White violence who will get no justice, just as Ashli Babbitt will never get justice after being murdered by a black cop.
Former Michigan Governor and current Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is about as dumb a twit as you can find but still finds new ways to demonstrate just how stupid she really is…
It is a well known fact that humans lived in complete peace and tranquility prior to the advent of the internal combustion engine and coal fired power plants.
A link from a reader….
Of course it is. The CPI numbers are doctored as much as they can get away with to provide cover for Biden but it is clear that inflation is much higher than we are being told. The stuff that really impacts your wallet is not a once in a while purchase of a new stove but the daily stuff, food and gas and electricity. That is all skyrocketing.
In the “right tool for the job” category…
Carrying a .380, arguably underpowered for a human assailant, in the wilderness of Alaska where the threats are often much larger than a man? I wouldn’t carry a lever action .45-70 for my everyday concealed carry because it isn’t the right tool for the job. But as protection against large, dangerous wildlife in Alaska? Yeah, that fits the bill. She claims to have larger caliber weapons at home which makes this even dumber. In the Alaska bush you are looking for .44, .45 or 10mm, not .380. In your purse while shopping in Anchorage? The .380 is a better choice than a 6″ barrel .44 magnum. Right tool for the job…
Canada exposing that we are literally at the “freedom is slavery” stage in the West….
Freedom now gets the scare quote treatment. 
While not passing judgment on the overall record of Moustache Man Bad, if you have ever heard the “Hitler supported gun control!” argument, you might be surprised to find that it isn’t really accurate:
Again, it is just important that we are making the right arguments using the facts, not urban legends. 
Speaking of “remember Watergate”, even more evidence that the Clinton crime syndicate is worse than most of us could even imagine….
Of course nothing will happen and no one will go to jail over this, that sort of stuff doesn’t happen to agents of the ruling junta. 
That should be enough to make you remember why you should despair for the future of humanity.


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