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Let’s Play “Guess The Mugshot” From The Headline!

The headline:

A few more clues….
Twin sisters in Wisconsin are facing attempted homicide charges while the restaurant worker they are accused of shooting and beating is recovering in a neck brace.

Anthony Rodriguez, 26, says he was the only server working around midnight Jan. 30 at a George Webb location in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He says a few customers became upset over an incomplete order and were asked to leave, but instead, one of them opened fire.

Shot in the face over a $3 hamburger, Rodriguez says he thought his life was over. One of the customers stomped his face while he was on the ground after the shooting.
Give up yet? Who could it be?
Aw, you already figured it out.
Police arrested 20-year-old twin sisters Breanta and Bryanna Johnson.
The lovely ladies in question….

What a pair of charmers!
Not bad enough to have a fit about a missing burger. Not even enough to shoot the poor bastard in the face. Nope, one had to stomp on his head after he was down and on the ground with a bullet hole in his face.
You knew who it was before you even read the post. Only one racial group consistently is responsible for these temper tantrums that turn into lethal violence. All of us have had orders screwed up at restaurants but we don’t shoot people in the face and then stomp on their heads afterward. That is because we possess a level of basic human decency. These two? They would have killed a man because of a shitty burger.
Look at their faces and see the utter lack of any humanity. 


  1. T Town

    Just wait until the day their EBT card doesn't work, or it doesn't buy as much as they thought it should. There is a whole generation of them who grew up being taught that they are entitled to reparations.

  2. Anonymous

    I think about the ludicrous "fact" that women are the caring, nurturing ones every time some stunning, brave modern female makes the news for raping her underage students, or leaving her own baby in a hot car while she runs in to buy booze for getting her twerk on.

    But nothing, NOTHING trumps the depraved indifference of a she-boon who feels somehow slighted. When a sista wants your blood, she don't care WHO ain't watchin'. I am actually more leery of those eighth-ton blunderbusses than I am of the simian, FAS-stamped bruthas who can't hold a pistol upright. They are all pitiless, entitled retards, but the females hold both the race card AND the vaginal upgrade, making them virtually untouchable.

  3. Xzebek

    A large part of the problem is that these feral animals have been told that they are exempt from civilized behaviors and attitudes. They are told that such behaviors are "white supremacist" so incompatible with blackness. While a healthy society would castigate savage behavior, this society is in the inexplicable thrall of Nigraphilia. Unless and until "black culture" is treated as the civilization destroying disease that it is we can expect more episodes such as this.

  4. George True

    Dead eyes for sure. And almost without exception, in virtually every mugshot of an African American perpetrator I have looked at, I see the same soulless 'dead' eyes. Almost as if there is no soul present.

  5. Arthur Sido

    We already saw that a few years again when the EBT system was messed up and as soon as they carz stopped workin', well they just took the food without paying for it cuz dey wuz owed it.

  6. Arthur Sido

    When you see videos of fights at Chuck E Cheese or a waterpark, it is usually a couple of these hippos attacking each other and tearing out weaves while the black guys hoot and caper recording the whole thing on their phone.

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