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Just A Trope

A Jewish group giving money to a “Catholic” group to help fund the resettlement of Afghan “refugees” in Fort Wayne. I am sure there are a few Catholics in the Fort Wayne region that could use some help but I doubt the Jewish group would give them a check to help White Catholic Americans. 


  1. Anonymous

    somewhere, some asshole is having a feel good feeling for a minute or so. why give money to a group who is going to bring in "people" that hate you ?? too stupid to breath anymore. and when the mussies start fucking with them, oh. well.

  2. DeplorableGranny

    I went to work for the Government 21 years ago for several reasons, 1) stable job, good benefits and a retirement pension, 2) As someone who was raised dirt poor stability for my family was important, 3) I thought I could make a difference. I work in the welfare industry and what I have discovered is the Government is not interested in getting people OUT of poverty or helping them become self sufficient. They also lie a lot. My State had already made computer system updates to handle an influx of Afghan refugees in February 2021. We started those changes in 12/2020. We were told our State was going to be taking in 400 refugees. We do not make system changes for 400 people when we already have codes that would have worked for this group of refugees. This told me that our state was planning to take in a he'll of a lot more Afghan refugees than 400. We also created a whole new immigration status 'Victim of Certain Crimes' = Trafficking. This allows illegals to claim they are victims so they can immediately apply for and receive welfare benefits the second they set foot into the country, instead of waiting for 5 years to pass. The kicker is they don't have to apply as a victim of trafficking, they just have to say they 'intend' to apply for that immigration status. Our Country is being flooded with illegals and Afghans and it was all put in place as soon as they announced tater head Biden as the pResident.

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